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program description industrial design what is industrial design the industrial design program at the art institute of colorado prepares students to identify analyze and resolve three-dimensional design problems through creativity and innovation students learn both the established values behind industrial design and current trends in the profession students in the program progress in skill from the fundamentals of drawing to proficiency in computer aided applications to three-dimensional models that incorporate final product development and presentation these skills define form and function of products and systems balancing the needs of the user with the capabilities of industry through research concept ideation and design development students analyze and solve diverse design problems career opportunities entrepreneur in-house corporate designer lighting designer soft-goods designer furniture designer toy designer model maker fabricator set and exhibit designer automobile designer appliance designer and product development manager faqs what is industrial design industrial designers work to make our lives more safe comfortable pleasurable and efficient they create products by studying people at work at home and in motion in keeping with the complexity of mass production industrial designers work with other professions involved in conceiving developing and manufacturing products including mechanical design and manufacturing engineers and software programmers to name a few what skill sets do i need to work in industrial design industrial designers require a combination of both technical and conceptual skills including · comprehensive knowledge of products and manufacturing and ability to design for the needs of the intended user · demonstrate advanced working ability in computer-aided design applications · demonstrate advanced skills in model making drafting and rendering · application of critical thinking and problem-solving skills · comprehension of business and entrepreneurial practices related to industrial design what career industries can graduates with a degree in industrial design pursue students who earn a ba in industrial design are prepared to seek employment in various industry areas including manufacturing consulting agencies trade show design transportation design medical products consumer electronics theatre special effects computer animation furniture design and environmental design including building interiors and signs bachelor of arts curriculum year one students are introduced to the fundamental skills history and innovation of industrial design the mechanics of design and role of computer-aided design programs are examined courses fundamentals of design and drawing materials properties and processes model making computer design applications mechanical and concept drawing development of form/sculpture critical thinking and general education requirements year two building upon the foundational and technical skills associated with industrial design students delve deeper into the applications of computer-aided design processes and begin to focus on specific product design areas such as soft goods human factors and exhibition design courses advanced computer-aided design and graphics product design professional development principles of mechanical engineering and exhibition design students choose between several electives that are tailored to their individual needs the ar t i nstitu te of c olorado 2009-2011 courses capstone project and portfolio packaging and point-of-sale advanced product design robotics furniture design manufacturing techniques entrepreneurial development and electives general education to enhance all programs of study students are required to take general education courses to complement the technical training they receive with a broad and comprehensive foundation of knowledge general education courses are designed to increase skills knowledge and critical thinking that students need to be successful lifelong learners technology facilities to enhance the curriculum resources and technology are available to industrial design students including a fabrication lab complete with saws sanders milling machines and lathes in addition students have access to rapid prototyping equipment including a 3d printer laser cutter cnc router and cnc mill/lathes internships and externships the art insti tute of colora do 2009-2011 year three students create and design a capstone project and prepare a portfolio encompassing pieces of work that reflect the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the program emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial development and overall industry presentation students are encouraged to participate and seek out intern/externships for advanced professional development internship fairs are held on a quarterly basis to support students in their search for internships 46 47