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cb shack pdf catalog cb accessories antenna switches 02/2006 2 way cast antenna switch 2-way cast alluminium antenna switch very high quality we use one on our repair bench where it gets lots of use 1000 watts power handling some of our customers have two rigs one for the uk and one for europe with this switch they can leave both rigs connected and switch the aerial between them as required 16.99gbp 3 way opek antenna switch high quality 3 way antenna switch made by opek steel case with quality fittings 1000 watts power handling comes with fixing screws so that it can be wall-mounted ideal for switching 3 rigs with one aerial or three aerials with one rig used mainly in service departments but we do know several people who have lots of equipment at home 18.99gbp 3-way antenna switch 3-way antenna switch power handling is 250 watts and the frequency range is 26 to 30 mhz cb use 7.99gbp 4-way antenna switch 4-way antenna switch enables you to connect up to 4 aerials to one cb or 4 cb

cb shack pdf catalog cb accessories swr and multi meters 02/2006 analogue multi meter this is a very handy pocket multi-meter you can measure a.c and d.c voltage as well as resistance etc this is the moving needle type which some people prefer but is not quite as accurate as the digital version 9.99gbp digital multi meter this is incredible value for money just a few years ago this meter would have cost over £100 ideal for checking your cb installation and has a nice clear lcd display measures a.c and d.c voltage as well as current and resistance hundreds of uses 9.99gbp swr 102 manufacturer zetagi this is a great swr and power meter made by zetagi this is the type that we use ourselves on site it is very versatile covering 3 mhz to 200 mhz so it is ideal for cb amateur pmr and taxi use the power handling is also more than enough for most situations at 1 kilowatt there is lots of information in our faq section about tuning aerials and using swr meters 19.99gbp swr 171 the 171

cb shack pdf catalog mounts bases 02/2006 3 way mirror mount this is a very versatile and strong mirror mount made from chrome-plated steel it can pivot to get the angle just right or fold down this mount is also available with an aerial base and cable 5.99gbp 3 way mirror mount kit this is an very versatile and strong mirror kit made from chrome-plated steel it can pivot to get the angle exactly right or fold down it comes complete with a 3/8 aerial base cable and plug very handy on 4x4 vehicles 12.99gbp 3/8 dv base manufacturer sirio sirio body mount domed with standard 3/8 thread hole with dv type screw base waterproof suitable for vehicle roof mounting 3.99gbp 7 inch magnetic aerial base manufacturer sigma eurocom large 7 magnetic mount with rubber base cable and pl259 ready to go tip don t shorten or coil the cable 13.99gbp adjustable rig bracket adjustable rig bracket universal bracket to mount most cb radio s rig nuts not included 3.49gbp dv converter and wing nut a

cb shack pdf catalog named pennants nice quality pennants with various name designs size is approx 18cm high and 14cm wide 4.99gbp 02/2006 sucker cups a set of 4 sucker cups for mounting banners mini scarves or other light weight accessories 1.49gbp page

cb shack pdf catalog mosquito killer and refill 02/2006 a 12 or 24 volt spira mosquito killer for vehicles also kills similar bugs that you would rather keep out of your cab this price includes a refill pack of 30 tablets each tablet works for around 10 to 12 hours refill packs are available separately in this section 10.99gbp mosquito killer refill keep a packet handy in case the mosi s are hungry a packet of 30 replacement tablets for use in the spira mosquito killer 2.99gbp mug holder stick-on a useful drinks holder to keep your brew safe during those brake-testing moments 2.99gbp non-slip dash mat this is just the thing to stop your stuff sliding around your dash ideal for phones glasses coins keys etc saves dangerous distractions when you are driving 1.99gbp note pad auto clipboard auto clipboard ideal for making notes when you are safely parked up 4.49gbp note pad small model 11024 polco mini note pad and clip very neat little pad for making short notes etc this one also

cb shack pdf catalog wheel trims etc truck wheel trims 02/2006 10 stud doughnut trim very nice looking wheel trims made of stainless steel and easy to fit this is a very high-quality trim no weld marks visable on the front like others not the cheapest but very nice 55.00gbp 10 stud named trims this price is for a pair high quality stainless steel available in scania iveco mercedes daf and man 65.00gbp 10 stud plain wheel trims high quality stainless steel trims no visible spot-welding like cheaper versions these are also made of much thicker and heavier steel 60.00gbp half shaft cover 8 1/4 inch chrome eight and a quarter inch half shaft cover neat and suitably shiny tidy up your half shafts 25.00gbp half shaft cover 8 inch chrome half shaft covers pair 8 inch in diameter neat and suitably shiny ideal to tidy up your half shafts for the truck shows 25.00gbp stainless steel 22.5 rear wheel liner sold in pairs extremly elegant and stylish complete with its own attached nut caps

cb shack pdf catalog truck driver s products drivers keyrings torches 02/2006 english and uk keyrings a range of high-quality key rings featuring english and uk designs come on guys and girls show that your proud to be english and british 2.99gbp irish keyrings very nice quality keyrings featuring irish themes and flags great quality product and very solid and long lasting 2.99gbp maglite gift set this is the famous maglite american-made torch as used by many police forces and armed services this is extremely well made and should last a lifetime the torch requires 3 d size batteries not included and has a spare bulb in the screw-off battery cap the end of the torch can be rotated to give a wide or narrow beam each torch has it s own serial number and is made from machined aluminium and is water and shock resistant also included is a very neat keyring torch also made by maglite this takes a single aaa size battery included and is ideal for keeping in your pocket ideal gift

cb shack pdf catalog truck driver s products portfolios and clipboards 02/2006 driver s mate a large portfolio-style wallet that opens up into an a4 size clipboard and notepad holder with spaces for business cards and other documents 12.99gbp masters a4 presentation folder black leather complete with internal calculater and ring binder extensive document holding wallets and compartments 26.99gbp page

cb shack pdf catalog tvs and dvds for trucks tv antenna s 02/2006 magic circle great tv aerial ideal for in-cab use works as a standard aerial when switched off or amplified when turned on works well just on the dashboard runs on 4 x aa batteries supplied which last about 400 hours really good reception even works in bedrooms etc 13.99gbp magic square the magic square is a slight variation on the magic circle it s performance and cost are similar but this model can also be powered from a 12 volt feed 14.99gbp magic wand a very good aerial for its size this antenna has a built-in amplifier for low-signal areas and is small enough to sit on the dash-board this antenna can also take a 12 volt feed 9.99gbp omnimax tv aerial this is a superb external tv aerial it works great on the roof of a truck caravan or motorhome the omnimax comes complete with a separate amplifier that can be adjusted to give the best signal this works on either 12 or 24 volts various mounts are available please

cb shack pdf catalog product name turbo truck seat cover saturday 12 february 1 cup coffee maker wednesday 04 may 20 10 amp euro-cb reducer sunday 30 january 2 10 stud doughnut trim saturday 05 february 10 stud named trims saturday 12 march 2 10 stud plain wheel trims saturday 12 march 2 100 watts zetagi b153 tuesday 01 february horns 80 02/2006 category truck seat covers coffee makers voltage reducers truck wheel trims truck wheel trims truck wheel trims mobile amplifiers page 143 134 123 82 82 82 11 truck 138 131 80 123 11 49 123 5 5 4 12 122 60 11 11 23 49 5 61 13 35 35 4 4 12 or 24 volt twin air horns with compressor tuesday 05 april 20 12/24 volt water boiler kettle tuesday 22 february 12/24 volt charger for most phones saturday 05 march 2 12v siren/pa/animal sounds friday 12 august 20 13 amp euro-cb dropper friday 04 february 150 watts kl300/24 saturday 12 february 17 piece country flag friday 11 march 200 18 amp euro-cb dropper sunday 30 january 2 2 pin

cb shack pdf catalog wind deflector stickers friday 25 march 200 wolf head wall rug thursday 06 october wooly hat tuesday 01 march 20 x type truck seat cover saturday 12 february zippo -truck driver tuesday 08 february zippo -truck driver tuesday 08 february zippo lighter fluid friday 11 february 02/2006 stickers wall rugs and flag other clothing truck seat covers gifts for truckers zippo lighters zippo lighters 77 56 103 143 92 119 119 page