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Find on this site... Site Index Exams Clubs Hamfests Addresses Search site: Call sign search: ARRL Member Login... Username: Password: Register Quick Links... Join or Renew Catalog Store ARRL Courses Classifieds Getting Started Operating Activities Licensing News/Bulletins Services Educational Public Service Support Donate to ARRL ARRL Info Text-only/Printable Previous: The Minimalist QRPer QRP Community: Next: ISS Commander Talks via Ham Radio with Scottish School He Once Visited Iowa Ham Club Designated "Point of Light," Gets Paul Harvey On-Air Mention --The The Tri-State Amateur Radio Club as for Monday, March 29. An ARRLclub, TSARC is headquartered in Cresco, Iowa. The recognized the club for voluntarily providing during emergencies and for supporting Red Salvation Army relief efforts. President George former President George H. W. Points of Light Award, and each will send a to the club. Volunteer Center

Martin says a lot of hard work and money went making the 30-year-old van handmade new lower said. "We had to put in a whole new floor because you could put your foot through it." The club's "very famous" one-third pound steakburger is the focus of a lot of fundraising activities, he explained. The TSARC communications trailer is packed with everything the participating amateurs will need when they get to a disaster site. "We take everything five people will need for five days," he said. "That trailer is full, and we have even more to get in somehow." The Daily Point of Light Award is given by The Points of Life Foundation Volunteer Center National Network in partnership with the Knights of Columbus and the Corporation for National and Community Service ( ), which currently subsidizes course training. The Award honors individuals and organizations "who have made a commitment to connect Americans through service to help meet critical needs in their communities