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Catalog Claws, Pulsation and Rubber Goods 2015

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clawspulsationandmilkingparts bou-matic™ flo star™ standard replacement claw top parts bou-matic™ flo star™ standard classic replacement claw parts item description part a claw bowl vented 21150 a claw bowl non-vented 21151 c bowl gasket for both 21152 d small round seal for both 21153 e large round seal 21154 h spring for both 21155 i valve for both 21156 j lock for both 21157 standard flo star™ bowl is 2-7/8” tall uses round gasket 9 piece replacement kit w valve part 21148 includes valve spring small center seal bowl gasket shutoff valve shutoff clip top seal for standard top seal for classic bumper “o” ring and star washer for hanger 6 piece replacement kit w/o valve part 21149 includes small center seal bowl gasket top seal for standard top seal for classic bumper “o” ring and star washer for hanger bou-matic™ flo star™ classic replacement claw top parts bou-matic™ flo star™ replacement valve

clawspulsationandmilkingparts safgard™ stainless steel milker shells replacement for delaval™ 06 shell both this shell and the rolled edge shell are manufactured to be equal in length we recommend using shells of the same length on all installations part 11391 replacement for delaval™ 06d shell with ss rolled edge part 11397 replacement for delaval™ 03 shell part 11390 ss ring for 03 shell part 11396 safgard™ classic shut-off valves    fda approved positive stop for 5/8” id hose classic delrin valve description vented valve non-vented valve new external “o” ring viton “o” ring for valve tab retainer for delrin surge™ valve part 46850 46851 46858 46856 46857 classic 7/8” od uhmw valve replacement for bou-matic™ shell part 11395 replacement for surge™ jet flow™ shell part 11394 safgard™ plastic milker shells replacement for universal™ shell part 11398

clawspulsationandmilkingparts tuned port pulsator with fresh air part 23057 less is more ultra-modern design uses up to 33 less wattage than previous models with no redundant gaskets or fittings to deal with the tuned port pulsator can be fitted with a new service kit in less than three minutes saving a great amount of time during scheduled maintenance tuned port pulsators can be micro-adjusted to satisfy any liner shell combination tuned port pulsator inlet nozzle part 23055-1 tuned port pulsator line seal part 23055-2 tuned port pulsator top cover black part 23055-4   tuned port pulsator top cover red part 23055-5 tuned port pulsator piston assembly part 23078-9 will work with any brand 24v dc pulsation control safgard™ puls-matic electric pulsators safgard™ puls-matic pulsators  improved power consumption  improved exhaust porting  strong electrical contacts direct mount puls-matic electric pulsator part 23060 direct mount puls-matic

clawspulsationandmilkingparts safgard™ puls-matic electric pulsation controller systems the safgard digital pulsation controller has built in overload protection this new digital technology stays in adjustment with no drift due to temperature or humidity an ongoing problem in old analog systems the digital pulsation board will fit into most existing systems for updates will operate 12 direct-acting 24-volt dc pulsators pulsation controller complete 1-12 units part 23068 digitally driven pulsation controls works with all 24 volt dc direct acting pulsators such as beco™ bou-matic™ safgard™ strangko™ surge™  sixteen pulsation ratio selections refrerenced below  rates from 40-150 ppm  provides self diagnosis to identify short circuits on drive line  operates up to 12 units  follow all state local electrical codes when installing   milk-rest ratios available are as follows channel a:channel b 1=50/50:50/50

clawspulsationandmilkingparts delaval™ delatron™ replacement plastic top and vents with rubber parts delaval™ replacement repair parts for hp™ 100 hp™ 102 pulsator part 47128 diaphragm part #23044 plate gasket part #23045 delaval™ delatron™ replacement repair kit for new style pulsator universal™ replacement repair parts for pulsators part 47126 part 23046 parts include  1 rubber diaphram with 2 white axles  1 rubber diaphram with flappers  5 base plate screws  2 coil “o” rings  1 base mount “o” ring 5 piece repair kit for model 87 5000 or 6000 delaval™ delatron™ replacement repair kit for old style pulsator electric stall cock kit includes  2 piston assemblies  2 teardrop gaskets  1 stallcock seal part 47127 parts include  1 rubber diaphram with 2 white axles  1 rubber diaphram with flappers  5 base plate screws  2 coil

clawspulsationandmilkingparts safgard™ fresh air filter fresh air nipple only fits both pulsators part 23079-1 part 23080  fresh air filter attaches to 3” pvc  keeps pulsator functioning properly  prevents dust insects from entering line  one filter per 10 pulsators recommended fresh air kit complete part to fit bou-matic™ 23079 puls-matic™ 23079 westfalia™ 23075 beco™ 23075 strangko™ 23075 kit contains 2 nipple adapters 2 elbows 90˚ 3/8” hose x 1/4” npt 2 hoses 3/8” x 18” pulsator cover for part 23075 only filter replacement cartridge part 47289 angle stall cock straight stall cock size part 1/2” 45492 3/8” 45493 size part 1/2” 45490 3/8” 45491 digimet 3000 with battery pack printer and case digimet 3000 part 47248 digimet 3000 w/battery pack printer and case part 47248-1 the digimet 3000 enables the user to store recall and then upload or print data from any

clawspulsationandmilkingparts super-puls ii brk interpuls™ adapters permanent mount adapter delaval™ electric stallcock adapter old style tapered stallcock adapter spring tension unit part 47088 part 47117 part 47089 part 47087 std delaval™ bucket delaval™ bucket repl for interpuls for hp™ 100/102 delaval™ dv300™ adapter replacement universal™ style handle part 47085 part 47084 part 47121   part 48507 check valve part 47085-1 chamber gasket part 48509   check valve part 48508 chamber gasket part 48509 bou-matic™ bucket adapter surge™ round nipple stallcock adapter surge™ square nipple stallcock adapter sta-rite™ stallcock adpt part 47086 part 47119 part 47078 part 47118 westfalia™ bucket lid adapter surge™ belly milker adapter surcingle rod and back strap part 47081 part 47079 item 127e 121e description 96” surcingle strap w triangle surcingle rod only 40 qt

clawspulsationandmilkingparts s afgard™ bucket milker systems stainless plastic milk pails 60 lb 30 liter ss milker pail assembly durable 30 liter stainless steel pail system includes bucket lid mounted alternating pneumatic pulsator bumper dv flow claw with automatic shut-off 06 style shells and all accessories required for milking an excellent basic system with value and dependability for cows part 48526 item description qty 1 20950 flow claw with rubber bumper 4 11391 safgard™ 06 shells 1 47125 super-puls ii pulsator 1 47085 lid adapter 1 48500 30 liter 60 lb milker pail 1 48505 stainless steel lid w gasket 4 11336 air tubes 4 11305 safgard™ 01 inflations 6’ 45905 5/8” milk hose 6’ 46052 9/32” twin black vacuum hose 8’ 46034 3/8” single vacuum supply hose for goats part 48523 same as above list of materials except item description qty 1 20855 g&s point claw 2 20870 plastic shells 2 20871 silicone liners long handle

clawspulsationandmilkingparts surgeâ„¢ m regular b2 11307 s s nu-pulseâ„¢ s small fd-2 11312 jf-1 11318 de-lavalâ„¢ m s s no rings jf-48 11384 regular as-medium 11323 jf fd-63 11386 np-16 11380 chore boyâ„¢ s 06 shell 05 01 01-a 11301 11305 11300 maesâ„¢ s nb nbsc 11308 s short nbc 11359 m s visible 20303 20281 11328 11329 bou-maticâ„¢ universalâ„¢ s 03 shell 03 sani-cap 11337 11358 l623n 11298 sta-riteâ„¢ conde hinmanâ„¢ m m 2049 27m 11348 bou-maticâ„¢ shell b1 l623n dkbm 11291 11298 11309 2ms 6m 11311 goat and sheep inflations silicone short liner for sheep milking silicone liner for goat milking part 20871 part 20866 silicone liner for sheep milking silicone long liner for sheep milking part 20867 part 20874 replacement inflations silicone 03 inflations 03ac liner part 11412 03bs liner part 11410 description alfa-lavalâ„¢ 960000-01 safgardâ„¢ molded rubber air tube replacements 29 safgardâ„¢ everlast plastic air tubes

clawspulsationandmilkingparts wall i.d o.d thickness single rubber tubing 1/4” 1/2” 1/8” 9/32” 17/32” 1/8” 3/8” 3/4” 3/16” 7/16” 13/16” 3/16” 1/2” 7/8” 3/16” 9/16” 1-1/32” 1/4” 5/8” 1-1/16” 7/32” 3/4” 1-3/16” 5/16” 1” 1-3/8” 5/16” double rubber tubing 1/4” 1/2” 1/8” 1/4” 1/2” -9/32” 17/32” 1/8” 9/32” 17/32” safgard™ black rubber dairy tubing       straight cured prevents coiling standard package one coil 54 feet long superior quality tubing made specifically for dairy applications ask about our drop-ship program for quantity discounts durable non-kink hose designed for commercial applications t-100 hose cutter t-200 hose cutter cuts through 1” id part 46098 bt-100 blade only part 46098-1 cuts hose through

clawspulsationandmilkingparts silicone transparent milk vacuum tubing rubber fab™ custom made rf-fda hose with tri-clamp bevel-seat fittings food grade nitrile lined seamless sold in 100 ft coils only 9/32” x 17/32” twin silicone tube part #45899 9/16” id x 15/16” od silicone tube part 45900 5/8” id x 1” 0d silicone tube part 45901 order your special hose by size fitting styles and hose length you may combine tri-clamp and bevel seat fittings on the same hose eliminating costly adapters contact us 3/4” id x 1-5/32” od silicone tube part #45898 7/8” id x 1-3/8” od silicone tube part #45897     size 1.5” 2” 3” 1.5” 2” 3” 1.5” 2” 3” completely unaffected by temperature silicone tubing is as flexible at -20˚ as it is at +70˚ can be used with vacuum or air pinch valves a must for good hose positioning description tri-clamp fitting