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detachersmetersandfeeders milk watch milking system milk watch detacher system part 46980 system includes part sensor 46981 control box 46981-1 shutoff 46962 2 pulsator/switch valve 23057 ss vacuum cylinder 47446-a order left or right hand sensor bracket separately milkwatch system monitors essential milking functions such as pulsation control and milking machine takeoff provides valuable information concerning milk yield milk flow rate milking time and milk wash temperatures as well as conductivity the 7/8” od sensor is suited for use in milking of small ruminant animals such as sheep and goats linked to a pc the milk watch software presents clear data concerning milk quality animal health and fertility the milk watch system integrates with milk watch id system for a complete herd management package the wrist watch style receiver transmitter can detect both stall address and animal id animal milk yield can be accurately and reliably obtained with significantly reduced

detachersmetersandfeeders safgard™ safgard™ digital sensing pto automatic detachers parlor pto part 46885 a unique digital sensing system requires no field adjustment note also available as an update kit for existing older style analog detachers    transparent milk monitor with integral vacuum shut-off allows visual monitoring of milk without restricting flow or vacuum supply illuminated function lights display power on manual/wash and alarm alarm warns milker if the cluster is automatically removed before 2 minutes milking has elapsed operating characteristics “start” activates the pre-milk let down delay which turns cluster vacuum on and remover ram off  switch to “manual” operation even during automatic milking  system “stop” halts milking or washing and parks the cluster ready for next instruction  alarm light alerts operator to inspect cluster and/or animal  no field adjustment required

detachersmetersandfeeders waikato™ e-z off takeoff this detacher is totally vacuum operated so no extra power source is required very simple to operate in either automatic or manual mode it detaches when the milk flow drops below 1/2 lb min complete units parlor unit stanchion barn unit with mounting bracket stanchion bracket only part 47420 47419 47419-1 teat cup initiator parts item description initiator sensor complete a cover b valve head c float d body e bridle f float lifting lever and bung g bracket h bung part 47421 47396 47412 47411 47410 47414 47415 47413 47397 3” ram parts item description 3” ram complete a nipple bracket b cylinder with nipple and bayonet brackets c bayonet bracket d pan head screw e piston backup washer f piston seal g piston assembly e,f,g h cord j bayonet insert assembly i t.c.r cluster clip part 47423-1 47398 47423 47399 47400 47424 47401 47417 47416 47418 47402 miscellaneous generic detacher parts large capacity 3/4” 19mm

detachersmetersandfeeders surge™ westfalia™ takeoff generic replacement parts westfalia™ acr board replacement surge™ vso sensor body replacement part #47493 part 46970 this is a drop in replacement for the westfalia™ acr adjust to standard factory settings or dairymans preferred settings plunger assy replacement for westfalia™ visoflo™ sensor part 46971-2 plunger assy replacement for westfalia™ metatron™ sensor part 46971-1 westfalia™ metatron™ meter replacement service kit direct replace for vso sensor top surge™ vso sensor base replacement part 46970-1 direct replacement for vso sensor base gasket only for vso part 46970-2 surge™ optic™ sensor replacement kit part 46972 part 46971 kit includes qty description 1 lid gasket 1 plunger assy w diaphram 3 sealing caps 2 diaphragms ss replacement 3” milk line clamp for westfalia™ visoflo™ or metatron™ meters complete w

detachersmetersandfeeders delaval™ takeoff generic replacement parts stainless cover connector board adapts to sst#2™ 5.2 5.3 or 6.1 boards part 47488 part 47488-1 part 47495 service kit replacement for bou-matic™ perfection meter reed switch replacement for sst#2™ and arm takeoffs part 47488-2 sensor jar diaphragm gasket replacement for sst#2™ takeoffs part 47488-3 bou-matic™ 2000v/2100 board replacement this is a drop-in replacement for the bou-matic™ 2000v/2100 detacher adjust to standard factory settings or dairymans preferred settings keypad w connector board adapts to sst#2™ 5.2 5.3 or 6.1 boards sensor jar bou-matic™ takeoff generic replacement parts part 47496 parts include white diaphragm large seal 2 required red silicone seal rubber plug small thin black “o”ring ss plate ss insert ss spring plastic threaded nut and ss bolt replacement white diaphragm only part 47496-2 service kit replacement for

detachersmetersandfeeders safgard™ accu-measure weigh jar       safgard™ home pasteurizer double scale pounds and kgs dhia approved 65 lb capacity 1-1/2” inlet and outlet 11/16” side nipple red and blue scales description complete unit jar only pipe clamp unit each 1-1/2” milk tee with glass ferrule 1-1/2” glass ferrule with ss valve 11/16” wash tee model p3000 p3000 p3000 qts voltage 8 110v 8 220v 8 110v part 26710 26710-1 32846 note new dual temperature unit home pasteurizer parts part 46306 46298 46292 46296 46297 46813 parts for mm81 electronic milk meter mm81 parts description mdp milk data processor air bleed 1 body lid gasket 3 electromagnet nut 7 electrode housing gasket 10 sampler bottle sampler body sampler air vent sampler cap meter lid clip rebuilt board electronic box lid clip box lid gasket part 46901 46902 46904 46908 46911 46913 46916 46918 46919 46921 46939 46928 46932 milk weighing

detachersmetersandfeeders waikato mark-v milk meters specifications  weighing device for parlor or stanchion barns  dhia approved  v-block or rapid clamp mounting  dual scale in pounds and kilograms 65 lb waikato milk meter with standard v-block mounting 30 kg part 46224 92 lb waikato milk meter with standard v-block mounting 42 kg part 46218 4.5 liter waikato milk meter for goats with standard v-block part 46221 specifications for speed sampler  testing and sampling made easier  agitates at the touch of a button  icar approved 92 lb waikato milk meter with speed sampler less wedge mount part 46215 92 lb waikato speed sampler upgrade kit part 46216 42 kg waikato milk meter with speed sampler less wedge mount part 46217 42 kg waikato speed sampler upgrade kit part 46217-1 9 65 lb waikato milk meter with rapid mount clamp part 46261 92 lb waikato milk meter with rapid mount clamp part 46220 waikato rapid mount clamp stanchion barn

detachersmetersandfeeders track a cow in-heat and cow movement telemetry system track a cow uses long range pedometer with high resolution in-heat detection with continuous indicators for animal posture lying or standing the ultra long range radio technology permits real-time data transfer a typical installation consists of a single unit receiver covering a range of up to 500 yards track a cow tags come with a 6 year prorated guarantee track a cow parts track a cow eco-herd software reports description part track a cow receiver 80200 track a cow antenna 80201 track a cow antenna cable 10 meters 80202 track a cow antenna bracket 80203 leg tag pedometer strap w 2 strap lockers 80204 track a cow replacement strap only 80205 track a cow strap locker only 80206 track a cow usb/rs485 converter 80207 track a cow eco-herd software for pc 80208  cows track a cow 25 cow basic package system 80210 in-heat ready for insemination inseminated for in-heat cows with high activity 

detachersmetersandfeeders urban u40 computer feeder for calves kids description collars u40 feeding system w/1-station 20 u40 feeding system w/2-station 40 u40 feeding system w/3-station 60 u40 dble feeding system w/4-station 80 u40 dble feeding system w/5-station 100 u40 dble feeding system w/6-station 120 part 80120 80121 80122 80123 80124 80125 the u40 computer controlled feeder for calves or kids is designed to automatically mix milk calf/kid milk replacer or whole milk and to control the feeding process in a way that each animal receives its own ration it only requires connection to a grounded socket 230v/16a and a water supply between 2 and 4 bar pressure the daily milk intake for each animal then depends on a feeding curve set on the primus computer the weaning period is fully controlled the hoses between the feeder and the feeding station are installed as a ring system in this way the hoses can be cleaned automatically up to three times per day at the end of the cleaning

detachersmetersandfeeders agri-magnificent water treatment systems how it works for dairy farm applications with hard water the molecules of calcium carbonate and magnesium are too large to easily penetrate the membrane of the cows stomach causing poor feed conversion and reduced water consumption after treating the cows drinking water the hardness molecules are now in an easily digestible size allowing better feed conversion and increased water consumption must have hard water 20 grains plus part 42840 42841 42842 42843 42844 42845 description rate gpm m1050 1/2” 4-6 m1075 3/4” 8 m4000 1” 16 m8000 1-1/4” 32 m12000 1-1/2” 48 m16000 2” 64 #cows 50 75 150 300 600 1200 safgard™ ultraviolet liquid purifier sterilizer ultraviolet water treatment is designed to eliminate the need for chemical additives and thermal processing the nuclei of microorganisms exposed to ultraviolet radiation are altered so that the organisms are effectively