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The Schlueter Company
310 N. Main Street
Janesville, WI 53545
Voice: 608-755-5444 | Fax: 608-755-5440
Toll Free: 800-359-1700 | From Canada: 800-346-5414

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The Schlueter Company
4435 N. Brawley - #102
Fresno, CA 93722
Voice: 559-276-7888 | Fax: 559-276-9436
Toll Free: 800-359-1702

Catalog Route Supplies & Schlueter Specialty Products 2015

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Industrial Supply > Agriculture & Forestry

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routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts type 304 stainless steel pails 1009 ss “tote pail” 9 3/8” dia x 16 3/8” h part description 20 qt #120 46510 cover only 46512 1116 4 sizes seamless construction mirror polish outside mfr ref 1009 1013 1113 1016 1116 1020 1120 1513 1516 1520 3/case description plain pail 9 qt plain pail 13 qt pail with tilting handle 13 qt plain pail 16 qt pail with tilting handle 16 qt plain pail 20 qt pail with tilting handle 20 qt cover for 13 qt pail cover for 16 qt pail cover for 20 qt pail cs wt 9-3/4 12-3/4 15-1/2 15-1/4 16-1/2 22-1/4 26-3/4 4-1/2 5 6-1/2 part 46496 46500 46504 46501 46505 46502 46506 46513 46514 46515 10 gal ss milk can w mushroom cover part 48532 10 gal ss milk can w toggle style clamp cover part 48533 strip cups description cup with screen screen only cup with black top black top only cup only part 44082 44083 44080 44081 44084 aluminum milk pails size item part 4 qt 2834-d 46527 4 per case stainless

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts safgard™ towel dispensers nps paper towels #21600 white towel 9”x10” 150/pkg embossed single-fold replaces bay west #39 part 40834 2,400 towels/case #631p plastic towel dispenser 6/case part 40825 #21168 white towel 9”x10” 168/box single hd replaces bay west #43 part 40835 2,016 towels/case #1840 white painted towel dispenser #21900 brown towel 9”x10” 250/pkg part 40809 part 40836 4,000 towels/case #21950 brown towel 9”x10” 250/pkg ss fold towel dispenser replaces bay west #470 part 40837 4,000 towels/case part 40806 #21800 blue towel 9.25”x10.25” 125/pkg nylon pads part 40900 12/pkg 6 pkgs case stainless steel sponges part 40902 72/case two ply replaces bay west #530 part 40838 2,000 towels/case #sw-20.070 spilfyter wet wipes 10”x12” 70/pkg part 40839 420 towels/case cellulose sponges part 44692 #113 twin pak 8” x 8” x 1/2” 2/pkg

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts mighty spray teat sprayer complete w ss nozzle san spray™ sanitizers single san spray where only one chemical is needed units include metering head bottle swivel suction tube nozzle 15’ wash hose bracket description part code 24001-2 single no 2 unit 40009 24001-5 single no 5 unit 40011 part 44180 bottle only #44180-2 complete sprayer w extended nozzle part 44182 #2 head 1-oz/2-gal 3.9 #5 head 1-oz/5-gal 1.56 description 24012 no 2 head with swivel and bottle 24013 no 5 head with swivel and bottle 24012c no 2 head only 1 oz 2 gal water 24013c no 5 head only 1 oz 5 gal water 16 oz glass bottle suction tube 16 oz plastic bottle hypalon gasket swivel adapter for san spray part 40000 40002 40063 40064 40086 40087 40088 40020 40012     long lance allows easy reach of all quarters sprays up to cover teats effectively no wasted dip no contamination mighty spray screw-on nozzle only part 44181 extended

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts rjb teat dip units micro touch teat dip pump electric power unit 110 volt part 40270 electric power unit 110 volt part 40272 electric power unit 220 volt part 40271 electric power unit 220 volt part 40273     stainless steel box pressure switch is preset for your convenience heavy duty pump assembly bolts in place on wall or other convenient location     cost effective no frills assembly pressure switch is preset for your convenience heavy duty pump assembly bolts in place on wall or other convenient location parts for rjb sprayer rjb no 10-51100 10-51300 10-51200 10-50900 10-50920 10-16010 10-16000 10-11100 10-51000 description coiled hose top load drop w fittings coiled hose bottom load drop w fittings “t” connector straight connector connector nuts 6/pkg flexible tubing 25 ft flexible tubing 100 ft plug for “t” fitting tube support 6/pkg part 40237 40237-2

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts dairy association™ products bag balm ointment 99.8 pure peppermint oil part 47518 1 oz  helps fast healing for all domestic animals cows horses sheep dogs and cats medicated bag balm ointment helps fast healing of small injuries cuts chapping sunburn massage of caked bag stays on   a product that stimulates blood circulation to infected areas for natural healing 10-20 drops per quarter for up to 6 days helps strains and bruises frm-chem™ winter coat part description qty 10 oz can 12/case 47500 4-1/2 lb pail 6/case 47501 sold in case lots only teat and udder protection description 12/1 lb pails 4/5 lb pails bag balm dilators part 47563 47564 part 47502 helps heal teats fast 40 super flexible dilators packed in trusted bag balm ointment aids in saving that valuable quarter provides soothing relief 40/unit 12 units/case schlueter’s sani-care udder cream product udder cream udder cream udder cream size 12

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts kick stops kow kant kick kick stop wrangler kick stop part 44353 part 44352 part 44347 reinforced spring reduces breakage spring only part 44351 spring only part 44348 rubber cap part 44350 sho-me ankle id la-co all-weather paint-stik special 10/pkg 1-1/2” wide x 12” long tough nylon hook and loop band description orange paint-stik yellow paint-stik green paint-stik black paint-stik white paint-stik color red orange yellow green blue part 44727 44728 44729 44730 44731 part 44715 44716 44719 44720 44721 sold in boxes of 12 only metal holders available use sho-me i.d.’s to classify your herd quickly and easily destron fearing ear tags neck tags accessories neck tag chain 40” long part 76310 ring fastener 1-3/4” dia spring steel open edge no tool required part 76320 tuff-flex ear tags tuff-flex one piece rubber ear tags make installation faster easier and permanent factory numbered tags specify numbers

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts ow36 washdown lights super floodlight 9036c 6 per case description hardwire light assembly screw-in light assembly jelly-jar light assembly 4 per case description light assembly replacement bulb part 43235 43231 43232 part 43239 43239-1 ow36 washdown light parts description bulb hardwire round ballast collar ballast screw-in         part 43235-1 43235-3 43235-4 36 watts of power 10,000 hour bulb life made of lexan can be power washed instant on at 20˚ below with no flicker no mercury no environmental hazard reflective lens provides 3 times more light reduces energy costs 80 easily returns $50 in energy savings      fully directional 200 watts of light 36 watts of power made of lexan ul wet rated instant on at 20˚ below with no flicker 10,000 hour bulb life lamp included barnliter i niteliter i description barnliter i 6 lamp barnliter i 4 lamp barnliter

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts gain s.v.p plastic mallets 4/1 gallon part 47584 part 41650 brush wash detergent removes all exterior soils and leaves stainless steel spot free with a cold water rinse pink lotion hand cleanser 1212 super tuff 2” dia 5-15/16” long s.s hand wash basin with faucet and drain description complete w faucet drain assy basin less faucet part 20770 20771 size part 4/1 gal 47614 12/1 qts 47615 solution jug rack plastic coated for no rusting part 47780 blue orange part 47781 wall mounting bracket is part of the assembly mounts flush against the wall to create a built-in back-splash hudson water control valve rubber runner mat 1/8” thick x 24” wide standard corrugated rubber runner mat part 44460 part 40180  rust proof construction  anti-siphon  no float ball  high volume 1” female connection  no lever arm  installs in minutes neotex mesh matting hudson repair parts

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts vanberg specialized coatings con-korite x’tra high strength mortar use this mortar when you want to make a repair one time con-korite develops 3000 psi compressive strength in one hour and nearly 10,000 psi in 28 days the unique formula has exceptional abrasion salts and sulphates resistance making it the longest lasting and most cost effective solution for severely worn concrete surfaces con-korite can be extended with course sand or pea gravel up to 1:1 to grout deep holes and with mortar sand at the rate of 2 parts mortar to 1 part mortar sand to make repairs in medium duty areas such as floors troughs and bunks the use of kb25 acrylic resin with the con-korite x’tra mortar enhances bond properties and added resistance to chemicals and moisture description con-korite x’tra 55 lb pail con-korite 60 lb kit 55 mortar 2 qts kb25 part 47730 47735 coverage per 55 lbs 25 sq ft 1/4” unextended curbs gutters steps 38

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts janesville wi 800.359.1700 • fresno ca 800.359.1702 • york pa 800.359.1701

routesupplies&schlueterspecialtyproducts milk processing equipment safgard™ home pasteurizer model p3000 p3000 portable cip rectangular balance tank temp single dual qts 8 8 part 26710 32846 note new dual temperature unit table cart portable mini cip/cop washer part 31350 double tray 22” wide 34” long 1” deep air eliminator tank speed king® egg candler sanitary air vent cylindrical balance tank part 50001     green filtered light removable filter white light filter removed prefocused hi-low beam switch description green filter lens switch only for 32a bulb only for 32a flow-verter internally fed rds part 50016 50018 50021 safgard™ ultraviolet airborne part 32789 bacteria killing system use safgard™ fan forced ultraviolet treated air to eliminate airborne bacterial contamination of product in liquid holding tanks container filling packaging areas externally fed rds 3 tank cip system stainless steel cabinet includes 6