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mels van driel manhood the rise and fall of the penis translated by paul vincent the ancient greeks paraded enormous sculptural replicas in annual celebration freud theorized that women envied them an undeniable global symbol of power and virility since the beginning of humankind the penis has been much discussed gestured toward and depicted yet seldom understood outside folklore and popular culture’s uneasy mix of self-deprecation and aggrandizement despite the penis’s central role in human life or perhaps due to that role nearly every man seems to suffer in isolation or silence from some perceived inadequacy or affliction that’s where experienced urologist and sexologist mels van driel comes in in manhood he offers an unprecedented history of the penis—with answers to everything you ever wanted to know and even some questions you’d never thought to ask manhood considers the october 500 p 30 halftones 51/2 x 81/2 isbn-13 978-1-86189-542-4 cloth

a philosophy of pain arne vetlesen translated by john irons august 176 p 43/4 x 78/9 isbn-13 978-1-86189-541-7 paper $27.95s philosophy nsa “living involves being exposed to pain every second—not necessarily as an insistent reality but always as a possibility,” writes arne vetlesen in a philosophy of pain a thought-provoking look at an inevitable and essential aspect of the human condition here vetlesen addresses pain in many forms including the pain inflicted during torture the pain suffered in disease the pain accompanying anxiety grief and depression and the pain brought by violence he examines the dual nature of pain how we attempt to avoid it as much as possible in our daily lives and yet conversely obtain a thrill from seeking it vetlesen’s analysis of pain is revealing plumbing the very center of many of our most intense and complicated emotions he looks at pain within are nas of modern life such as family and work and he specifically probes a very

offence the hindu case salil tripathi to many outside india hinduism is envisioned as the foundation of an ideal all-embracing society yet this is far from the truth though historically the practice of hinduism does promote the idea of an inclusive and tolerant way of life in the past decade hindu extremists have captured the religion and perverted it to their own ideological ends in the hindu case indian journalist salil tripathi meticulously documents how hindu fundamentalists have succeeded in censoring and banning many cultural works tampered with university teaching and prevented academics from continuing in their jobs in addition tripathi shows that these extremists are in the process of rewriting the ancient hindu scriptures this title in the manifestos for the 21st century series published in collaboration with index on censorship the only international magazine dedicated to promoting and protecting free expression focuses on rights tolerance censorship and dissent within

henry viii man and monarch edited by susan doran and david starkey june 288 p 250 color plates 8 3/4 x 11 isbn-13 978-0-7123-5025-9 cloth $55.00x isbn-13 978-0-7123-5026-6 paper $29.00s european history biography usa the year 2009 marks the five-hundredth anniversary of henry viii’s accession to the throne and to celebrate this momentous occasion leading tudor scholars susan doran and david starkey examine the extraordinary transformations—personal and political intellectual and religious literary aesthetic and linguistic—that took place during henry’s reign drawing on the british library’s unparalleled collections henry viii explores the motives and beliefs that spurred henry’s actions masterfully telling the story of his reign this refreshing approach reaches beyond the myths and stereotypes sur rounding this monumental historical figure and encourages readers to reassess their perceptions of the great tudor monarch who still manages to

kim stringfellow jackrabbit homestead tracing the small tract act in the southern california landscape 1938–2008 t he morongo basin of southern california’s mojave desert is dotted with unusual buildings and parcels of land that developed as a result of the small tract act of 1938 the structures which are remnants of a mid-century homestead movement have become a lightning rod for seemingly disparate communities wish “stringfellow attacks her subject as a ing to claim and inhabit the desert landscape in jackrabbit homestead historian a collector and a photographer kim stringfellow an artist and writer known for her cross-disciplinary with the vision of a walker evans on acid.” —danny lyon author of the bikeriders and conversations with the dead work addressing the american west land use and the built environment documents the character of the homestead architecture and the homesteaders who built it alongside her compelling photographs she explores the

a history of the czech lands edited by jaroslav pánek and oldrˇich tu˚ma july 750 p 6 halftones 11 drawings 5 engravings 2 maps 67/10 x 91/2 isbn-13 978-80-246-1645-2 paper $48.00/£33.00 european history cze/svk born january 1 1993 after it split with slovakia the czech republic is one of the youngest members of the european union despite its youth as a nation this land and the areas just outside its modern borders boasts an ancient and intricate past with a history of the czech lands editors jaroslav pánek and oldrˇich tu˚ma—along with several scholars from the academy of sciences of the czech republic and charles university prague—provide one of the most complete historical accounts of this region to date pánek and tu˚ma’s history begins in the neolithic era and follows the development of the state as it transformed into the kingdom of bohemia during the ninth century into czechoslovakia after world war i and finally into the czech

apun the arctic snow matthew sturm there are some twenty-five words for “snow” in the inupiaq language each word denotes a different kind of snow— fresh powder snow hard pack soft snow very wet snow or just snow such fine distinction is reasonable for over the centuries natives of the arctic have had to rely on their knowledge of the snow to survive now matthew sturm has prepared an educational children’s book designed to teach a new generation of arctic residents the importance of arctic snow cover fully illustrated to demonstrate the cycle of the snow cover apun covers each phase of the “snow year.” geared towards grades 3 and 4 this is a must-read for elementary science classes matthew sturm is a research physical scientist with the u.s army corps of engineers cold regions research and engineering laboratory he lives and works in fairbanks september 44 p 53 line drawings 81/2 x 91/4 isbn-13 978-1-60223-069-9 paper $12.95/£9.00

responding to the west essays on colonial domination and asian agency edited by hans hägerdal the international contributors to this volume apply fresh perspectives and new methodologies to the asian colonial experience from the eighteenth century through the post–world war ii decolonization historiography gender military studies finance and issues of race and class all feature in this wide-ranging account of the diversity of human relationships forged by the colonial presence for all of its features of structural oppression colonialism was not a one-way communicative process as this volume demonstrates through its analysis of the ever-shifting roles of colonizer and colonized hans hägerdal is a senior lecturer in history in the school of humanities at växjö university in sweden icas publications july 192 p 10 halftones 63/10 x 91/2 isbn-13 978-90-8964-093-2 paper $47.50x asian studies cusa icas publications september 320 p 63/10 x 91/2 isbn-13 978-90-8964-094-9

bright stars john keats barry cornwall and romantic literary culture richard marggraf turley the most celebrated poet of his day after byron barry cornwall pseudonymous identity of bryan waller procter 1787–1874 was a solicitor dandy and pugilist championed by leigh hunt as well as the author of three books of heralded verse this volume attempts to square cornwall’s early nineteenth century popularity with his subsequent neglect emphatically returning an important and unjustly neglected romantic author to critical focus and exploring the fascinating mirror between his own trajectory into celebrity and that of his now better-known contemporary john keats richard marggraf turley is codirector of the centre for romantic studies at aberystwyth university his previous publications include keats’ boyish imagination and the politics of language in romantic literature liverpool english texts and studies cinematic fictions the impact of the cinema on the american novel up

double agents women and clerical culture in anglo-saxon england clare a lees and gillian r overing first published in 2001 double agents was the first book-length study of women in anglo-saxon written culture that took on the insights provided by contemporary critical and feminist theory and it quickly established itself as a standard now available again it complicates the exclusion of women from the historical record of anglosaxon england by tackling the deeper questions behind how the feminine is modeled used and made metaphoric in anglo-saxon texts even when the women themselves are absent clare a lees is professor of medieval literature at king’s college london gillian r overing is professor of english at wake forest university they have collaborated on a number of projects including most recently a place to believe in locating medieval landscapes religion and culture in the middle ages august 256 p 51/2 x 81/2 isbn-13 978-0-7083-2183-6 cloth $85.00x literary criticism

pub month green/emyr humphreys pa nsa/au/nz greenburg/rockabillies cl gros/states of violence cl ind gruber/problems of disadvantaged youth cl guiheux/social movements in china and hong kong pa cusa hägerdal/responding to the west pa cusa hallendy/tukiliit pa usa/eur hanna/english manuscripts of richard rolle cl nsa hardouin-fugier/history of bullfighting pa nsa harper/italian way cl harrington/unwanted child cl harrison/gardens pa hayes/edgar allan poe pa nsa hazzard/ancient shore pa heady/family kinship and state in contemporary europe vol 1 pa heady/family kinship and state in contemporary europe vol 2 pa heady/family kinship and state in contemporary europe vol 3 pa hebron/john keats cl usa heng/reframing singapore pa cusa henley/adventure of the real pa henley/original liverpool sound cl nam herrera/multiplicity in unity pa hogan/spiral jetta pa hopkins/theorizing emotions pa hornocker/cougar cl hsia/sojourners in a strange land cl huggan/racism postcolonialism europe cl nam