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sara goldrick-rab paying the price college costs financial aid and the betrayal of the american dream o ne of the most sustained and vigorous public debates today is about the value—and crucially the price—of college but an unspoken outdated assumption underlies all sides of this debate if a young person works hard enough they’ll be able to get a college degree and be on the path to a good life “goldrick-rab’s important book should be read by policymakers students and parents she explains clearly how access to college has been narrowed by rising costs how elected officials have dodged their responsibility to maintain access and what we must do to save the american dream—the promise that all have equal opportunity to succeed.” —diane ravitch that’s simply not true anymore says sara goldrick-rab and with paying the price she shows in damning detail exactly why quite simply college is far too expensive for many people today and

jason reid get out of my room a history of teen bedrooms in america t eenage life is tough you’re at the mercy of parents teachers and siblings all of whom insist on continuing to treat you like a kid and refuse to leave you alone so what do you do when it all gets to be too much you retreat to your room and maybe slam the door             “during the nineteenth century room even in our era of snapchat and hoverboards bedrooms remain a key part of teenage life one of the only areas where a teen can exert arrangements for children—particularly control and find some privacy and while these separate bedrooms teenagers—changed dramatically with only became commonplace after world war ii the idea of the teen the unusual turn toward separate rooms bedroom has been around for a long time with get out of my room in get out of my room reid documents jason reid digs into the deep historical roots of the teen bedroom and the causes

unfreezing the arctic science colonialism and the transformation of inuit lands andrew stuhl in recent years journalists and environmentalists have pointed urgently to the melting arctic as a leading indicator of the growing effects of climate change while climate change has unleashed profound transformations in the region most commentators distort these changes by calling them unprecedented in reality the landscapes of the north american arctic—as well as relations among scientists inuit and federal governments—are products of the region’s colonial past and even as policy analysts activists and scholars alike clamor about the future of our world’s northern rim too few truly understand its history in unfreezing the arctic andrew stuhl brings a fresh perspective to this defining challenge of our time with a compelling narrative voice stuhl weaves together a wealth of distinct episodes into a transnational history of the north american arctic proving that a

now in paperback radium and the secret of life luis a campos august isbn-13 978-0-226-41874-2 paper $35.00s/£24.50 e-book isbn-13 978-0-226-23830-2 cloth isbn-13 978-0-226-23827-2 views of nature alexander von humboldt edited by stephen t jackson and laura dassow walls translated by mark w person august isbn-13 978-0-226-42247-3 paper $27.00s/£19.00 e-book isbn-13 978-0-226-92319-2 cloth isbn-13 978-0-226-92318-5 in search of a lost from stone to avant-garde flesh an anthropologist investigates the contemporary art museum matti bunzl september isbn-13 978-0-226-41812-4 paper $16.00s/£11.00 e-book isbn-13 978-0-226-17395-5 a short history of the buddha donald s lopez jr the beauty of a social problem photography autonomy economy walter benn michaels october isbn-13 978-0-226-33323-6 paper $18.00s/£12.50 september isbn-13 978-0-226-42118-6 paper $18.00s/£12.50 e-book isbn-13 978-0-226-49321-3 e-book isbn-13 978-0-226-21043-8 cloth isbn-13 978-0-226-49320-6 cloth isbn-13

now in paperback jorge luis borges and osvaldo ferrari conversations volume 1 translated by jason wilson b uddhism love henry james and the tango are just a few of the topics jorge luis borges argentina’s master writer and extraordinary conversationalist discusses in the first volume of the remarkable new series conversations the eighty-four-year-old blind man’s wit is unending and results in lively and insightful discussions that configure a loose autobiography of a subtle teasing mind borges’s favorite concepts such as time and dreaming are touched upon but these dialogues are not a true memoir they are unrestricted conversations about life at present the argentine short-story writer essayist poet and translator contributed immensely to twentieth-century literature and more specifically to the genres of magical realism and fantasy as he progressively lost his sight—he became completely blind by the age of fifty-five—the darkness behind his eyelids

edited by matthias frehner and valentina locatelli masterpieces kunstmuseum bern t he kunstmuseum bern is home to one of the most important art collections in switzerland with more than three thousand paintings and sculptures and some forty-eight thousand ad ditional works on paper since the founding of the state museum more than two hundred years ago the kunstmuseum bern’s collection has august 112 p 50 color plates 93/4 x 113/4 isbn-13 978-3-7774-2572-6 cloth $49.95s art naj continuously grown as has its world renown for masterpieces kunstmuseum bern matthias frehner and valentina locatelli have assembled two hundred extraordinary examples from the museum’s vast collection the works in this book range from the late thirteenth century to the present day among them are masterpieces by duccio di buoninsegna paul cézanne salvador dalí ferdinand hodler ernst ludwig kirchner paul klee franz marc henri matisse méret oppenheim pablo picasso félix valloton and many

whizzbangs and woodbines tales of work and play on the western front j c v durell first published in 1918 whizzbangs and woodbines offers a view of world war i that couldn’t be farther from the usual litany of suffering tedium and death written by the reverend j c v durell who at the time was rector of rotherhithe the book was built on durell’s experience as chief commissioner of the church army in france the church army was a volunteer group whose purpose was to promote not only the religious life of soldiers at the front through regular church services but also to boost their morale through more secular means music concerts card games billiards and even the simple pleasures of a cup of tea and a few puffs on a woodbine the book tells the story of the church army’s activities showing us a side of world war i—of camaraderie and joviality—that s been obscured by a century of seeing the war as wholly tragic   j c v durell was rector of rotherhithe

overheating an anthropology of accelerated change thomas hylland eriksen we live in a time of global crisis—or more appropriately crises overlapping interlocking global problems that are inextricably tied to modernity overheating offers a groundbreaking new way of looking at the problems of the anthropocene exploring crises of the environment economy and identity through an anthropological lens thomas hylland eriksen argues that while each of these crises is global in scope they are august 192 p 51 /3 x 81 /2 isbn-13 978-0-7453-3639-8 cloth $99.00x isbn-13 978-0-7453-3634-3 paper $30.00s nonetheless perceived and responded to locally—and that once we realize that we begin to see the contradictions that abound between the standardizing forces of global capitalism and the socially embedded nature of people and local practices only by acknowledging the primacy of the local eriksen shows can we begin to even properly understand let alone address these problems on a global

miriam e david reclaiming feminism challenging everyday misogyny s ince the second-wave feminism of the 1970s women’s rights and opportunities in education and employment have increased across the globe but has equality—whether social political or legal—really been achieved in this fascinating book miriam e david a well-known and influential feminist in higher education celebrates the achievements of international feminists of the past fifty years and provides a critique of how the expansion of global higher education has masked their pioneering zeal and zest for knowledge looking at the changing zeitgeist david contends that feminism has yet to have an enduring influence despite the generations of women who have felt empowered instead she illustrates the lasting power of patriarchal social relations and shows how everyday sexism august 256 p 51 /2 x 81 /2 isbn-13 978-1-4473-2817-9 paper $26.00 education women’s studies nsa and misogyny are still keenly

language and culture in history december 198 p 4 halftones 6 x 91 /4 isbn-13 978-94-6298-061-7 cloth $99.00x e-book isbn-13 978-90-485-3000-7 linguistics cusa multilingualism nationhood and cultural identity northern europe 16th–19th centuries edited by willem frijhoff marie-christine kok escalle and karÈne sanchez-summerer before the modern nation-state became a stable widespread phenomenon throughout northern europe multilingualism—the use of multiple languages in one geographical area— was common throughout the region this book brings together historians and linguists who apply their respective analytic tools to offer an interdisciplinary interpretation of the functions of multilingualism in identity-building in the period and from that draws valuable lessons for understanding today’s cosmopolitan societies   willem frijhoff is professor emeritus of modern history at vu university amsterdam mariechristine kok escalle is a retired associate