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song song of the south in the heart of the night the progress of the stars the literature of the word the peopling of the world the use of the library light to the nation by light nation in the shadow of the cross by the way of the cross photos of subject of arts the plays the thing sources of subject of arts the word on the wood university of illinois at chicago the ways of representing of the subject the parts of the dictionary the function of the library when the snow is on the roses its the most wonderful time of the year the cross and the towers long and long examples of book of generalities example of book of generalities the university of washington parts of the book parts of the books discover the beginning of world war 11 language university of new york the making of the west peoples and cultures vol 2 the child who changed the world who is the most beautiful girl in the world songs of the civil war name of one by one teaching and learning in the early years holland and holland what are the kinds of literature books what are the kinds of arts books what are the parts of a book university of chicago university of chicago website 5 examples of book arts 5 examples of books in political sciences parts of book pictures parts of a book books of the bible what is an title of the book what are the different parts of a book parts of a book and their meaning parts of the book and its function university of south africa art and crafts books art and crafts book books in print university of louisville university of cincinnati

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jesse bering suicidal why we kill ourselves f or much of his thirties jesse bering thought he was probably going to kill himself he was a successful psychologist and writer with books to his name and bylines in major magazines but none of that mattered the impulse to take his own life remained at times it felt all but inescapable             bering survived and in addition to relief the fading of his sui cidal thoughts brought curiosity where had they come from would they return is the suicidal impulse found in other animals or is our vulnerability to suicide a uniquely human evolutionary development “i have yet to come away from reading one of [bering’s essays and not feel considerably better informed than i was just minutes before.” —forbes in suicidal bering answers all these questions and more taking us through the science and psychology of suicide revealing its cognitive secrets and the subtle tricks our minds play on us

recipes and everyday knowledge medicine science and the household in early modern england elaine leong october 288 p 19 halftones 6 x 9 isbn-13 978-0-226-58349-5 cloth $90.00x/£67.50 isbn-13 978-0-226-58366-2 paper $32.50s/£24.50 e-book isbn-13 978-0-226-58352-5 science history early modern english men and women were fascinated by recipes across the country people of all ranks enthusiastically collected exchanged and experimented with medical and cookery instructions they sent recipes in letters borrowed handwritten books of family recipes and consulted popular printed medical and culinary books recipes and everyday knowledge is the first major study of knowledge production and transfer in early modern households it places the production and circulation of recipes at the heart of “household science”—quotidian investigations of the natural world—and situates these practices in larger and current conversations in gender and cultural history the history

bruce lincoln apples and oranges explorations in on and with comparison c omparison is an indispensable intellectual operation that plays a crucial role in the formation of knowledge yet comparison often leads us to forego attention to nuance detail and context perhaps leaving us bereft of an ethical obligation to take things correspondingly as they are examining the practice of comparison across the study of history language religion and culture distinguished scholar of religion bruce lincoln argues in apples and oranges for a comparatism of a more modest sort lincoln presents critiques of recent attempts at grand compari son and enlists numerous theoretical examples of how a cautious and discriminating form of comparison might work and what it can accomplish he does this through studies of shamans werewolves human sacrifices apocalyptic prophecies sacred kings and surveys of materials as diverse and wide-ranging as beowulf herodotus’s account of the scythians the native

edited by jonathan conlin great economic thinkers an introduction—from adam smith to amartya sen with an introduction by d’maris coffman g reat economic thinkers presents an accessible introduction to the lives and works of thirteen of the most influential economists of modern times adam smith david ricardo john stuart mill karl marx alfred marshall joseph schumpeter john maynard keynes and nobel prize winners friedrich hayek milton friedman john forbes nash jr daniel kahneman amartya sen and joseph stiglitz free from confusing jargon and equations the book describes key concepts put forward by these thinkers and shows how they have come to shape how we see ourselves and our society readers will consider the role played by the division of labor wages and rents cognitive biases saving entrepreneurship game theory liberalism laissez-faire and welfare economics all of the economists featured have had a profound influence on our attitudes towards market intervention and

now in paperback giorgio agamben the church and the kingdom translated by leland de la durantaye with images by alice attie i talian philosopher giorgio agamben is the rare writer whose ideas and works have a broad appeal across many fields and his devoted fans are not just philosophers but readers of political and  “in agamben’s work one meets a vision that looks deeply into the well of human experience and perceives there a turbulent and powerful interplay of political and social forces all serving to shape and constitute—not only the social order and individual subjectivity—but also ‘life’ at its most basic level.” —radical philosophy review the italian list september 64 p 20 color plates 51 /2 x 73/4 isbn-13 978-0-85742-587-4 paper $15.00/£11.50 philosophy religion ind cloth isbn-13 978-0-85742-024-4 legal theory sociology and literary criticism as well. in march 2009 agamben was invited to speak in

hans josephsohn exhibition photographs edited by the kesselhaus josephsohn with contributions by nina keel and ulrich meinherz october 152 p 100 color plates 40 halftones 61 /2 x 9 isbn-13 978-3-85881-810-2 paper $35.00s/£25.00 photography uk/eu hans josephsohn 1920–2012 was an internationally collected swiss sculptor his plaster and bronze castings speaking to the question of the conditions of life as a human being over the course of six decades he developed a consistent style characterized by large figures often shown in repose his work is both a continuation of a long tradition of classical sculpture and a wholly modern approach to the art hans josephsohn exhibition photographs offers more than one hundred images of josephsohn’s sculptures in museum and gallery displays from the archives of photographers collectors museums and other institutions as well as from friends the pictures give insight into josephsohn’s development as a sculptor while also

graffiti girl eran shakine israeli artist eran shakine is known for his cryptic minimal drawings especially the myriad permutations of his primary motif the graffiti girl which he has painted drawn sprayed and shaped for more than a decade now this publication explores for the first time all the facets of the graffiti girl and examines the artist’s unique relationship with this defining motif in his career whether eran shakine found the graffiti girl or she found him is difficult to say while listening to records shakine used to doodle in old maga zines and soon found that his scribbles began to assume the outline of a faceless girl she followed him out onto the street as urban art and soon appeared in galleries in painted and sculptural form as well often depicted in small moments of happiness—from walking the dog or riding a skateboard to experiencing her first kiss an undefined reduced form who is ceaselessly changing shape the graffiti girl transcends class cultural

england’s discontents political cultures and national identities mike wayne england’s political-economic scene is a battleground of competing ideologies all under the umbrella of neoliberalism from conservatism to socialism what forces have historically shaped these political cultures and people’s attachment to them             examining five political ideologies at play in england—conservatism liberalism economic liberalism social democracy and socialism—mike wayne unearths the historical rationale for their relationship to cultural identities including rural england gentlemanly capitalism industrialism and empire by revealing how national identity class and political economy intersect wayne is able to elucidate england’s enduring attachment to the neoliberal economic system             grounding his cultural and material perspective in gramscian and marxist theory wayne

up in the air tommy clarke up in the air is a culmination of six years hanging out of helicopters photographing locations from california to australia’s shark bay and utah to st tropez the one hundred color photographs assembled here show the vast range of tommy clarke’s work—from idyllic beach scenes in gran canaria august 128 p 100 color plates 9 x 101 /2 isbn-13 978-1-911604-27-3 cloth $37.95 to the abstract landscape of utah’s salt lakes—all shot stunningly from above from a young age clarke has been deeply interested in the interaction between water and land up in the air captures this obsession and shows his progression in style from documentary travel photography to abstract art london-based photographer tommy clarke travels the world taking aerial photographs in 2015 he was shortlisted for international landscape photographer of the year and his aerial photographs have been featured in gq the times conde nast traveller and the wall street

“an inspiration and a valuable tool to anyone trying to find ways of building relevant arts institutions for the future.” —sally tallant director liverpool biennial “this remarkable collection reminds us that institution building remains enormously significant as a means of opening up new spaces claims communities dialogues publics and trajectories for critical artistic practice place.labour.capital will be central reading for all those invested in understanding or in instituting new trajectories for artistic and curatorial work and for all those committed to opening up new social and political spaces through which to do so.” —felicity d scott columbia university   place.labour.capital edited by ute meta bauer and anca rujoiu singapore is the world’s second-largest trading port and an economic epicenter for the region making it an ideal point of departure to examine place and the intersection between locality and the global that occurs

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