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16 about the school of mathematics by joining the university of edinburgh’s school of mathematics you’ll follow in the footsteps of mathematical pioneers and study alongside some of the most exciting minds working in the field today whether you wish to follow a taught masters programme or pursue your own line of investigation we offer a dynamic academic environment supported by excellent facilities we have an outstanding reputation for mathematics teaching and research we were judged ‘excellent’ in the most recent teaching quality assessment in the research excellence framework ref 2014 we were ranked fifth in the uk with 83 per cent of our research rated world leading or internationally excellent rich heritage the school boasts a rich heritage in pioneering mathematics our base the james clerk maxwell building is named after one of the most celebrated mathematicians to study at the university the 19th-century scientist is most famous for developing classical electromagnetic theory leaders in their fields our status as one of the most prestigious schools in the uk for mathematics attracts highly respected staff many of our 50 current academics are leaders in their fields and have been recognised with international awards the school is home to two fellows of the royal society 14 fellows of the royal society of edinburgh and seven philip leverhulme prize or fellowship holders abel prize winner and fields medallist professor sir michael atiyah is an honorary professor and professor agata smoktunowicz is a recent recipient of the european mathematical society prize the university of edinburgh mathematics postgraduate opportunities 2017 17 facilities and resources you will enjoy excellent facilities ranging from one of the world’s major supercomputing hubs to generous library provision for research at the leading level including the noreen and kenneth murray library at king’s buildings students have access to more than 1,400 computers in suites distributed across the university’s sites many of which are open 24 hours a day in addition if you are a research student you will be provided with your own workspace with desk and desktop computer software support we provide all our mathematics postgraduates with access to software packages such as maple matlab and mathematica research students are allocated parallel computing time on ‘eddie’ – the edinburgh compute and data facility it is also possible to arrange use of the bluegene/q supercomputer facility if your research requires it in good company mathematics is a discipline of high intellect with connections stretching across all the scientific disciplines and beyond and in edinburgh you can be certain of thriving in a rich academic setting our school is one of the country’s largest mathematics research communities in its own right which includes around 60 active research students you will also benefit from edinburgh’s high-level collaborations both regional and international these include the international centre for mathematical sciences and our close collaboration with heriot-watt university through the maxwell institute which was set up in 2005 following significant funding from the scottish funding council research students will have a primary and secondary supervisor and the opportunity to network with a large and varied peer group you will be carrying out your research in the company of eminent figures and be exposed to a steady stream of distinguished researchers from all over the world collections of the university the university of edinburgh has one of the world’s great collections which has been growing ever since its foundation in 1583 our collections include rare books archives and manuscripts art historical musical instruments and a wide range of museum objects from geological specimens to anatomical models if laid out end to end we would have almost 60 kilometres of shelving and storage space devoted to our heritage material from 1st-century greek papyrus fragments to new works of sculpture this is curated by specialist staff across 45 sites and used for our teaching and research and by the wider public community the centre for research collections in the main library is the hub for all our collections where specialist curators make them available for study research and pleasure postgraduate students are welcome to study original objects and have made many important research discoveries while working on the archives you will find an incredible range of material in our collections that is available nowhere else in the world “i experienced an egalitarian professor-student relationship and felt that student feedback was considered carefully a number of external guest lecturers from diverse backgrounds in industry and academia enriched the programme with their expertise.” michel zedler msc operational research