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www.ed.ac.uk/undergraduate/teaching www.ed.ac.uk/undergraduate/degree-structure our world-class academics are leaders in their fields conducting groundbreaking research that directly informs the teaching you receive we have influenced thinking for more than 400 years from our central role in the european enlightenment to the development of the technology in your smartphone our approach to sharing knowledge and encouraging learning is recognised nationally and internationally this ranges from the royal academy of engineering adopting our exemplars of teaching excellence to our pioneering development of massive open online courses moocs join us and be part of an enthusiastic community of pioneers visionaries and scholars studying the latest developments in your subject with the prospect of working on life-changing research yourself as an internationally renowned centre of academic excellence we’re ranked fourth in the uk for research power based on the quality and breadth of our research in the research excellence framework ref 2014 we’ve forged collaborations with leading universities around the world our world-leading researchers contribute to teaching sharing their discoveries with students nobel prize winner professor peter higgs proposed the higgs boson while he was a lecturer here our scientists created dolly the sheep the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell we pioneered the first automated industrial assembly robot and created the first genetically engineered hepatitis b vaccine we’re still working towards historic firsts today – new treatments for multiple sclerosis motor neurone disease and breast cancer and innovative work to tackle climate change the four-year experience my story briana pegado ma hons sustainable development briana enjoyed a wide variety of courses thanks to our flexible four-year structure she went on to be president of edinburgh university students’ association eusa “my degree was extremely multidisciplinary and allowed me to explore so many aspects of my subject area.” our versatile four-year programmes let you try a range of subjects before specialising for a broader and more flexible education you’ll feel confident choosing which areas to specialise in by the time you graduate your breadth of knowledge will be highly prized by employers giving you the best chance of success in your chosen career benefits duration • flexibility experience new subjects without committing long term • good results discover which subjects are best suited to you and tailor your programme accordingly • personal development an opportunity to grow intellectually • breadth wider learning is enriching and attractive to employers when i was applying to edinburgh there were a few things i was interested in but once i began to study i realised the programme i’d chosen [international relations wasn’t for me so i found a programme that suited my interests and switched for my second year my degree is extremely multidisciplinary and has allowed to me to explore so many aspects of my subject area the four-year programme has proven to be really flexible for me – it meant that i could focus on the subject areas that interested me and take some interesting courses offered by other schools taking courses in schools that had a completely different approach to teaching was a great experience my degree has allowed me to have some practical experiences going out into the field and engaging with sustainability and sustainable development we visited nuclear power plants energy companies and government agencies dedicated to renewable energy and community development it has been very exciting to be able to engage with the subject sustainability and sustainable development are relatively new concepts that have emerged in the past few decades and my subject is constantly being redefined we’re certainly learner-practitioners because we’re shaping what sustainable development means as we embark on our careers the university is filled with industry experts and the wonderful part of our degree is that our lecturers are always visitors no two lectures are the same and virtually no lecturer is repeated it keeps things fresh and constantly presents you with a new perspective my time at university has been fantastic and i’ve certainly grown academically and intellectually while at edinburgh studying abroad see page 139 doesn’t have to extend your programme length how it works most of our programmes in the arts humanities engineering sciences or social sciences let you study a range of subjects in years 1 and 2 before specialising in years 3 and 4 with your personal tutor see page 140 you’ll usually choose three subjects to study in year 1 – either from related areas or to experiment with different subjects in year 2 you’ll know which subjects you want to continue and which new ones you’d like to try by years 3 and 4 scottish programmes traditionally take four years this differs from the rest of the uk but is a long-established european model emulated in the us in many of our science and engineering subjects well-qualified applicants may apply for direct entry to year 2 making it possible to graduate with a bsc after three years of study our medicine mbchb is a six-year programme subject to validation veterinary medicine bvm&s and ma fine art take five years in science and engineering we offer five-year undergraduate mchem mchemphys mearthsci meng minf mmath and mphys programmes which include an additional year of in-depth study often with a research focus again well-qualified applicants may apply for direct entry to year 2 specific entry requirements for all programmes can be found online www.ed.ac.uk/undergraduate/degrees sample programme structure year semester compulsory course 1 1 additional/option courses business studies 1 accountancy international business globalisation and trade organisational introduction to studies marketing 2 2 1 business research methods “edinburgh is one of the top campuses that we target for recruitment if you are looking for a university that will give you the skills and experiences to have a successful career then edinburgh is a good place to start.” procter gamble 3 2 international business and the multinational enterprise 1 year abroad university of alberta canada 2 4 1 international business in emerging markets brand cultures 2 management consulting managing across borders and trade economic principles and applications the benefits of studying at the university of edinburgh the benefits of studying at the university of edinburgh learn from the best 137 the university of edinburgh undergraduate prospectus 2017 entry