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· · · · · · · this star-studded audio production of the old testament of the bible is the long-awaited follow up to the award-winning and best-selling word of promise ® new testament this faithful rendering of the new king james version ® is presented in a compelling dramatic audio theater format and features performances by richard dreyfuss as moses gary sinise as david jason alexander as joseph max von sydow as noah marcia gay harden as esther stacy keach as job joan allen as deborah and jon voight as abraham the original music score by prolific italian composer stefano mainetti abba pater and a feature film-quality sound design produced engineered and mixed at a post-production facility ranked in the top 3 in the nation are woven together with compelling narration by michael york and the work of over 300 actors the set includes over 70 hours on cds with a bonus carrying case it also includes an interactive behind-the-scenes dvd with actor interviews worship resources and a

· · · the ultimate reference tool for all students of the bible the new strong s expanded exhaustive concordance of the bible is the only strong s that includes the best of vine s complete expository dictionary of old and new testament words its original-language dictionaries contain three times more word study information than any other edition this is the tool for finding any verse in the bible and for studying the greek and hebrew words that lie beneath the english translation features include · the only strong s that includes vine s complete dictionary of old and new testament words · words of christ in red · complete topical index of the bible · hebrew and greek dictionaries now have three times more word study information than any other edition · additional cross-references and word study helps from leading dictionaries · · ·

backlist small group curriculum study guides and series women of faith study guide series living above worry and stress women of faith 978-0-7852-4986-3 women of faith study guide series managing your moods women of faith 978-0-7852-5151-4 women of faith study guide series living a life of balance women of faith 978-0-7852-5263-4 women of faith study guide series encouraging one another women of faith 978-0-7852-5153-8 women of faith study guide series cultivating contentment women of faith 978-0-7852-5152-1 life lessons book of james 978-1-4185-0956-9 life lessons book of john 978-1-4185-0944-6 life lessons book of acts 978-1-4185-0945-3 life lessons book of romans 978-1-4185-0946-0 3:16 a study for small groups 978-1-4185-2923-9 the macarthur old testament study series jacob egypt 978-1-4185-3324-3 the macarthur old testament study series before abraham 978-1-4185-3322-9 the macarthur old testament study series the father of israel 978-1-4185-3323-6 the life principles study

backlist spiritual growth and practical living the litugical year isbn-13 978-0-8499-0119-5 real church isbn-13 978-0-7852-2920-5 think and make it happen isbn-13 978-0-7852-2781-6 cracking the communication code isbn-13 978-0-7852-8966-1 love and respect isbn-13 978-1-5914-5187-7 the sacred meal nora gallagher isbn-13 978-0-8499-0092-1 the journey billy graham isbn-13 978-0-8499-1887-2 same kind of different as me isbn-13 978-0-8499-1910-7 the great eight isbn-13 978-0-7852-2894-3 christianity in crisis the 21st century isbn-13 978-0-8499-0006-8 this is your brain on joy dr earl henslin isbn-13 978-0-7852-2873-8 i m not your friend i m your parent e.d hill isbn-13 978-0-7852-2810-1 the secrets women keep isbn-13 978-0-7852-2816-5 what in the world is going on isbn-13 978-0-7852-2887-5 signs of life isbn-13 978-0-7852-2809-7 left at the altar isbn-13 978-0-7852-2878-3 life is mostly edges isbn-13 978-0-8499-2057-8 who stole my church isbn-13 978-0-7852-2601-7 billy isbn-13

· · · join the really cute really popular really woolly sheep as they journey to find the greatest shepherd of all when angels announce the birth of the great shepherd the woolly sheep decide they want to see him for themselves as they follow the shepherds trail they are faced with scary obstacles and detours but in spite of their fear and troubles deep in their heart they know what they have to do join faith hope and joy on their exciting journey to meet the great shepherd and spread the best news they have ever heard · ·

backlist family entertainment digital praise guitar praise upc 181826000587 dance praise 2 -the remix upc 181826000402 dance praise original game upc 181826000525 expansion pack #1 upc 181826000204 expansion pack #2 upc 181826000211 expansion pack #3 upc 181826000242 expansion pack #4 upc 181826000365 expansion pack #5 upc 181826000389 expansion pack #6 upc 181826000457 expansion pack #7 upc 181826000518 dance praise party upc 181826000549 super-deluxe dance pad upc 181826000556 deluxe dance pad upc 181826000563 dance pad upc 181826000419 flo return of the water beetles upc 181826000044 buzby breakin all the rules upc 181826000068 camping the bug-a-boo way upc 181826000075 aio great escape upc 181826000020 aio sword of the spirit upc 181826000013 aio treasure of the incas upc 181826000006

· · · · · · · · · · a heartwarming love story that beautifully illustrates god s delight in his children sabrina kincaid didn t intend to fall for nantucket native tucker mccabe the man she serves coffee to every morning the man tied deeply to sabrina s most mortifying secret then tucker decides to hire sabrina to help locate his online friend sweetpea the mysterious woman he s falling in love with it s a pickle sabrina is not inclined to help but letting tucker hire someone else could spell disaster because if someone else helped him if someone else sifted through the letters and figured out the truth then tucker would discover that the person he s trying to find is her · · · ·

· · · · · · from your heart s deepest cry to life s joyful praises jesus is in them all knowing jesus on a deeper more personal level not only means sharing all aspects of your life with the savior but it means seeing him at work in your life as well whether you re struggling your way through a valley or reaping a bounty of blessings jesus is very much alive and present the question is do you see him do you recognize his voice his comforting hand his desire to fellowship with you in jesus lives author sarah young provides 180 topical devotionals exemplifying jesus presence in your life giving insight and wisdom and bringing to light the truth of romans 8:11 the spirit of god who raised jesus from the dead lives in you

· · · · · · · · · andy griffith tells his life story with candor and honesty he s best known as mayberry s sheriff andy taylor and atlanta lawyer ben matlock but andy griffith s career includes stand-up broadway plays films and success as a recording artist in his long-awaited autobiography andy tells of growing up poor in north carolina and of attending college to become a moravian minister as well as how he discovered comedy and eventually played in broadway s no time for sergeants and starred in the movie a face in the crowd including stories from filming the andy griffith show and matlock andy takes readers behind the scenes sharing the good times and the bad his joy-filled marriage to cindi struggles with his health and his recent work in movies like waitress and the award-winning video for brad paisley s waitin on a woman intimate heartwarming and characteristically humorous andy s story is sure to captivate readers and fill in a vital piece of missing americana

· · · · let the scriptures come to life in this must-have 1-volume study of the life and times of the bible this fully illustrated encyclopedic guide to the bible s manners customs and times puts a wealth of information at your fingertips forty-six sections cover the people of the bible and how they lived from family life to law to transportation this affordable one-volume resource offers over 6,000 topics and facts making the wonders of bible cultures more accessible than ever before features · black and white photos · charts and illustrations

fearless price $24.99 trim size 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 format jacketed hardcover isbn 978-0-8499-2139-1 dvd-based small group kit price $34.99 trim size 7 1/2 x 10 1/4 format dvd isbn 978-1-4185-4182-8 lessons available individually december 2009 small group discussion guide price $9.99 trim size 6 x 9 format trade paper isbn 978-1-4185-4271-9 audio book price $24.99 trim size 6 x 5 format 2 cds isbn 978-0-8499-6397-1 imagine your life without fear booklet price $2.99 isbn 978-0-8499-2020-2 9 780849 920172 also available in spanish isbn 978-1-6025-5269-2 simultaneous release of fearless products shipping