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publisher’s showcase standing order includes 24 hardcover titles each year for about $630 this is a 25 discount and includes free shipping each month i will select top titles that are guaranteed to be a hit with your large print readers top bestselling authors will be the vast majority but i’ll also include an occasional “early favorite.” jamie knobloch publisher i hope you will indulge yourself and your readers by giving publisher’s showcase a try and as always i’d love to hear from you with anything that’s on your mind regarding large print e-mail me at jamie.knobloch@cengage.com 978-1-4104-7824-5 • $34.99 u.s wheeler hardcover features standout titles from basic core and wheeler hardcover hand-picked by our publisher jamie knobloch reviewers’ choice standing order includes 24 hardcover titles each year for about $567 this is a 25 discount and includes free shipping  one of publishers weekly’s most anticipated books of fall  an indie next pick and a libraryreads selection the bishop’s wife mette ivie harrison “harrison makes her adult debut with a stunning contemporary mystery set in mormon country [she easily transports readers into a world most will find as unfamiliar as a foreign country.” — starred publishers weekly linda wallheim is a devout mormon mother of five boys and the wife of a bishop in draper utah but linda is increasingly troubled by her church’s structure and secrecy when a young wife and mother disappears one cold winter night and her husband claims his unstable wife has abandoned the family linda doesn’t trust him snooping into the family’s circumstances she becomes convinced that a murderer has painted himself as a wronged husband  an indie next pick sweetland michael crummey “sweetland conveys the way that a sense of place is the product of relationships — among the living with the dead and in moses’s case arising from intimate connections to land and sea.” — starred and boxed publishers weekly the scarcely populated town of sweetland rests on the shore of a remote canadian island its slow decline reaches a head when the mainland government offers each islander a generous resettlement package to leave fierce and enigmatic moses sweetland whose ancestors founded the village is the only one to refuse sweetland is a spectacular portrait of a man’s battle to survive as his environment vanishes around him 978-1-4104-7796-5 • $31.99 u.s mystery • releases 4/1/15 16 all prices are in u.s dollars special offers and discounts are available in the u.s only 978-1-4104-7809-2 • $30.99 ncr general fiction • releases 4/1/15