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ac series flowmeter small size versions 15mm 20mm and 25mm standard specification available size 15 mm 1/2 20 mm 3/4 and 25 mm 1 calibration condition water density 1.0 g/cm3 viscosity 1.0 mpa·s special calibration/graduation available on request gas measurement is also acceptable consult factory for details scale range min 0.1 to 1 l/min ac-1501-t■ ac-2001-t■ max 10 to 100 l/min ac-256k 46 ■ range ability standard 10:1 10:2 for some versions graduation double scaled [l/min and l/hm3/h model code accuracy temp range ±3 f.s 0.5 mpa test press 0.75 mpa 0 to 50°c it is general data and the maximum temperature may change by terms of use and environment ac– size – description – 1 5 15mm 1/2 2 0 20mm 3/4 2 5 25mm 1 range 1 range code 2 4 material class 1 6 material class 2 t material class 3 p material class 4 material 3 process connection rc thread ts socket or flange jis 10k lnstallation pipe line direct mount or by wall mount fixture connection alarm function available for 260 mm length version refer to table 1 for availability point 1 point high or low switch reed switch spst setting adjustable by moving switch position repeatability ±3 f.s reset span max.±20 f.s capacity max volltage ac125v dc100v max current 0.5a ac dc max wattage ac10va dc10w whichever is smaller connection 50cm of lead wire with connector enclosure water tight 2 tokyo keiso co ltd r rc thread t ts socket f flange jis 10k p not provided w provided 4 wall mount fixture not provided alarm point a provided 5 1 refer to table 1 2 specify 99 and indicate calibration condition in case of custom made calibration/graduation 3 refer to table 2 4 wall mount fixture is not available for flange ended version 5 limitation of availability applicable refer to table 1 for details tg-f779-7e