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am-1000 series compact flowmeter ■ am-1520 series local indicator with electric transmitter am-1520 indicates flow rate by pointer and scale plate and outputs electric 4∼20 ma dc signal which is proportional to flow rate in addition to dust and splash-proof versions flame-proof versions are available ● dimension of indlcator/transmitter fig 3 dust and splash-proof am-152■ and exd ep-am-152■ optional units ● terminal and wiring ir series universal totalizer ir universal totalizer is an indicator and totalizer which is used in combination with am series flowmeters having 4∼20 ma dc or pulse output for flow rate indication totalization alarm 4∼20 ma dc and pulse re-output by one unit fig 4 weather proof am-152■ and exd ep-am-152■ ● specification of transmitter power supply voltage dust and splash-proof and flame proof 12∼30 v dc output 4∼20 ma dc max load dust and splash-proof and flame proof 600Ω 24 v dc cable entry dust and splash-proof 2xg1/2 or 2xnpt1/2 flame proof 2xg1/2 or 2xnpt1/2 option cable glands with a tiis flame-proof applicable cable diameter ø8 to 12 standard ø10 mm to 12 mm specified cable gland type sxc-16b shimada electric co to be used for flame proof construction work output accuracy ±1.0%f.s against flow calibration construction dust and splash-proof equ to lp54 am-152■ flame proof exd ii bt4 ep-am-152■ on request exd ii ct4 ep-am-152■ ambient temp dust and splash-proof –30 ∼ +70oc flame proof exdiibt4 –20 ∼ +55oc exdiict4 –20 ∼ +55oc 4 tokyo keiso co ltd ■ combination with am-152■ 4∼20 ma dc output 2 wire ir-6120-■ ■ ● ir-6120-■ ■ ir4600-02 standard specification flowrate indication 4 digit 0∼9999 totalizing indication ir-6120 5 digit led 0∼18000c/h ir4600 6 digit led 0∼18000c/h alarm output 2 points h+l ir4600-02 scaled pulse output open collector ir-6120 30 v dc 50 ma ir4600 30 v dc 50 ma analog reoutput 4-20 ma dc loop power supply 24 v dc integrated refer to technical guidance of ir series for the details tg-f962-5e