AM-1000 Series Metal Tube Compact Flowmeter (Standard type) 2017 by Tokyo Keiso

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am-1000 series compact flowmeter ■ am-1740 series local indicator with alarm am-1740 indicates flow rate by pointer and outputs spdt contact at set point for flow alarm watertight flame proof and intrinsically safe versions are available ● specification of transmitter alarm point 1 point high alarm or 1 point low alarm or 2 points high and low switch micro switch spdt rating 125/250 v ac 5 a on request 30 v dc 0.1a setting accuracy ±1.5 f.s against flow calibration note the indication of flow rates except for the alarm setting value may be less accurate just after turning on the switch reset span weather proof and intrinsically safe less than 20 f.s against flow calibration flame proof ep-am-174■ less than 30 f.s cable entry g1/2 with female screw cable glands with a tiis flame-proof gasket are available ø7 mm to 12 mm standard ø11 mm to 12 mm on request npt 1/2 enclosure dust and splash-proof equiv to ip54 type am-174■ flame proof jisd2g4 type ep-am 174■ intrinsically safe exiaiict6 type is-am-174■ supplied with safety barrier ambient temp –25∼80oc for type am-174■ –10 ∼60oc for type ep-am-174■ for type is-am-174■ provide heat insulation if required ● dimension of indicator transmitter ● wiring diagram am-174■ and is-am-174■ am-174■ and is-am-174■ fig 7 ep-am-174■ fig 9 ● safety relay • 1 point • 2 points 42 65 4 65 61 75 65 2-⵰4.5 ep-am-174■ fig 8 77.5 28 1 point 51 2 points fig 10 another brand safety relay also available 6 tokyo keiso co ltd tg-f962-5e