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am-1000 series compact flowmeter ■ additional functions ● liquid damper type am-1■ ■ ■-d a damper is to be provided for steam and gas applications to prevent vibration of float a damper pot is provided at the bottom of tube part in which damper liquid silicon or diflon oil is contained the friction between damper liquid and damper makes the float movement smooth for stable indication and durability of moving part damper is also recommended for liquid application with heavy pulsation available types are am-1■ ■3 bottom side-top side am-1■ ■6 leftright and am-1■ ■7 right-left refer to fig 11 fig 11 ● cooling fin type am-1■ ■ ■-f a cooling fin is to be provided between tube part and indicator housing to release fluid heat in case fluid temperature is more than 150oc cooling fin is available for models am-1■ ■2 bottom-top side am1■ ■3 bottom side-top side am-1■ ■6 left-right and am-1■ ■7 right-left refer to fig 12 fig 12 ● gas damper type am-1■ ■ ■-du gas damper is available for gas measurement application which does not require damper liquids gas dampers are available for metallic flowmeters only mechanical damper is integrated at the part of float guide which consists of piston and cylinder fig 13 as it is not required to install liquid damper at the bottom of flowmeters it contributes to increase the flexibility of piping design also it is not required to fill damper liquid that saves maintenance labour works gas damper is applicable for gas measurement applications and not suitable for liquids and steam also chlorine gas easy to form chemical compound and gas containing rust trash and oil may hinder the function of piston part consult factory for details available size is 20mm to 100mm not available for 15mm and only for metallic material not for lined material ● steam jacket type am-1■ ■ ■-js semi jacket am-1■ ■ ■-jf full jacket heating jacket is available for the application of high viscosity and or sticky fluids semi jacket covers tube part only and full jacket covers flanges as well steam inlet/outlet is screw connection rc or npt heating jacket is available for am-1■ ■1bottom-top and am-1■ ■2 bottom-top side only 150 lbs rating is available for full jacketed flowmeters am-1■ ■ ■-jf fig 13 2-rc1/4 2-rc1/4 lead pipe jacket lead pipe jacket lead pipe lead pipe jacket pipe jacket pipe flow meter body flow meter body 2-rc3/8 2-rc1/4 full jacket semi jacket fig 14 tg-f962-5e tokyo keiso co ltd 7