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Catalog CFW1000 Series Liquid Flowmeter (Pitot Tube Type) 2017

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flowmeter for air conditioner cfw1000 series stationary use general the cfw1000 is the liquid flowmeter mainly designed for air conditioner the flow rate is detected by the differential pressure which is created by a pitot tube inserted into the pipe the cfw1000 is easy-to-install and cost-effective flowmeter suitable for water cold water and hot water for air conditioning system in collective housings office buildings and other facilities features ❏ just weld a 20 mm 3/4 inch socket in the existing pipe and screw the flowmeter into the socket ❏ minimum pressure loss ❏ single or double scales for accurate measurement depending on your applications 20°c water calibrated scale 60°c hot water in red and 7°c cold water in blue with double scales ❏ for both horizontal and vertical pipes ❏ light weight cost effective and quick delivery measuring principle the pitot tube inserted into the pipe which have two pressure inlets one for the

cfw1000 series stationary use model code standard scale range table cfw1 □ □ □ -□□□ -□0 installation 2 type 4 1 indicator calibration 2 1 scale range 2 -020 -025 -032 -040 -050 -065 -080 main -100 -125 pipe size -150 -200 -250 -300 -350 -400 -450 -10 pressure rating -20 -□ /□□□ -a version -b /cft /cfs option /deg /bc6 /pl additional function description horizontal vertical 20°c water 7°c and 60°c water double scale scale range 1 see right table scale range 2 see right table 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm 40 mm 1 pvc lining type 50 mm is available only for 65 mm the size 32 mm to 80 mm 150 mm with 1 mpa 100 mm class 125 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm 350 mm 400 mm 450 mm 1 mpa class 2 mpa class equiv to cfw12□□-□□□-10 equiv to cfw12□□-□□□-20 equiv to cfw14□□-□□□-□0 three-way socket for 20 to 32 mm applied for only 1 mpa class

cfw1000 series stationary use cfw12□□-□□□-20-b 53 material heat-resistant glass titanium ③ upper body lower cfw1200 body cfw1400 scs14 scs14/c3604b ④ strainer ⑤ o ring sight glass nbr ⑥ ⑦ cap sus316 ⑧ air elimination plug sus316 ⑨ scs13 ⑩ cap nut cover sus304 ⑪ fitting scs141 ② 7 3 10 16 pitot tube hole flow direction upstream 1 2 195 parts name tapered tube float 227 6 the handle is not fitted in insert the handle to operate the valve 5 4 close 13 9 12 11 32 16 r3 4 50 88 pitot tube sus316 ⑬ valve axis scs14 sus316 ⑭ o ring socket nbr ss4002 three-way socket handle fcmb3 sus304 ⑮ ⑯ 22 103 72 l 175 applied to only “4” cfw14□□-□□□-□0-b 32 53 8 7 3 1 bc6 is available as the material of fitting on request optional code bc6 2 the socket made of ss400 is supplied as an accessory upon request the socket made of other than

cfw1000 series stationary use installation straight runs and assembly drawing Ɣ+rul]rqwdolqvwdoodwlrqcfw12□□-□□□-10-a ★ ★ branch 3/4 ☆ socket 3/4 ☆ fl ow fl ow ☆ ★ scs14 scs14 ☆ ★ straight pipe 40 to 450 mm three-way socket 20 to 32 mm Ɣ$vvhpeo gudzlqj piping socket o ring p8 ,qglfdwru valve set screw cap nut o ring s31.5 pitot tube o ring p8 fl ow w cre ys b ing fix w cre ys b ing fix bolts 4 washer rew sc y b ing fix 1 keep the upstream and downstream straight runs as follows pipe size upstream downstream 32 mm or less (☆) 10d or more 5d or more 40 mm or more(★) 5d or more 3d or more tokyo keiso co ltd ng ldi we welding 39 bolts 4 washer Ɣ,qvwdoodwlrq note d is the inside diameter of main pipe ing rew c s scs14 o ring p38 4 fitting ij 35 o ring p38 2 to install the flowmeters drill a hole of 35mm diameter into the pipe having more than or equal to

cfw1000 series stationary use Ɣ+rul]rqwdolqvwdoodwlrqcfw12□□-□□□-20-b Ɣ9huwlfdolqvwdoodwlrqcfw14□□-□□□-□0-b ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ branch 3/4 branch 3/4 7kuhhzd vrfnhwwrpp 7kuhhzd vrfnhwwrpp socket 3/4 ★ ☆ ★ straight pipe wrpp ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★ ★ ★ socket 3/4 ★ ★ indicator 6wudljkwslshwrpp welding ij 35 Ɣ$vvhpeo gudzlqj 39 set screw fixing by screw valve piping indicator o ring s31.5 set screw socket fitting set screw fixing by screw o ring s31.5 cap nut set screw cap nut valve w cre ys b ing fix w cre ys b ing fix tg-f983-6e fitting screwing welding 39 ing rew sc ng ldi we welding socket ij 35 piping tokyo keiso co ltd

cfw1000 series stationary use suggestions other piping ❏ the model cfw1 □ □ □ □ □ □ -10 flowmeter is calibrated ❏ available for other piping consult factory for details inform of the type of piping and dimension of“l”and“d”of the following figure based on the inside diameter of jis g3452 sgp the model cfw1 □□□ □□□ -20 flowmeter is calibrated on jis g3454 stpg sch.40 if pipes are different from above consult tokyo keiso specific calibration is required rc3/4 ❏ run the fluid fully in the pipe otherwise it could not be measured lining piping ❏ only scale range 2 is available for the pipe lined with pvc the flow rate is based on when the flow runs through the inside diameter of the pipe which consists of a tee joint of the eslo coat lx made by sekisui chemical co s eslon ® if you use other fittings additional calibration is needed please