CX-1101 Flow Set Valve for Liquid Flow, Fixed Type 2017 by Tokyo Keiso

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for stable water supply cx-1101 series flow set valve ■ general cx-1101 flow set valve is a constant flow valve for liquids even supply or load pressure of process changes cx-1101 maintains constant flow of liquid cx-1101 flow set valve is suitable for water hot water lines in office buildings apartment buildings factories and other buildings where stable water hot water supply is required a setup at site is unnecessary because flow rate is set up in the high precision in accordance with customer’s specifications in our factory cx-1101 can be installed to any direction of process i.e horizontal or vertical ■ features ■ standard specification ❑ all metallic construction and high durability ❑ simple self-regulating mechanism size 15 20 25 40 fluid water and other liduids ❑ cost effective and quick delivery ❑ easy screw connection fluid press max 1mpa control differential press 0.03 control accuracy ⫾ 5 of the set flow rate fluid

cx-1101 series floset valve ■ model code ■ structure model code cx-1101material description 1 2 0 1 connection size 2 3 process connection brassjis c3604 sus304 sus316 15mm 20mm 25mm 40mm 1 rc thread 2 nptf 3 other female thread ■ setting range ■ external dimensions flow rate can be set as per the following table specify setting flow rate water size flow range qw 15 3∼10 l/min 20 5∼25 l/min 25 10∼40 l/min 40 25∼70 l/min size l mm b mm mass approx 15 90 32 0.6 20 110 41 1.0 25 130 46 1.5 40 150 65 2.8 ■ material no parts name cx-1101-1 cx-1101-2 refer to an upper table after you calculate qw by the bottom formula in case of liquid density is except for 1.0 qw=q쎹 q the setup flow rate of the actual liquid γ density of actual liquid ■ control characteristics cx-1101 size 25 20l/min setting 1 body scs14 cast stainless steel scs14 cast stainless steel 2 target plate sus304 sus316 3 valve brass jis c3604