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Catalog EF-AUTO Flowmeter for Cooling Water in Engine Room 2017

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for cooling water in engine room ef-auto electromagnetic flowmeter outline the electric connection part of detector has been miniaturized so that the electromagnetic flowmeter suitable for the flow measurement of cooling water in the engine room of automobile may be able to be easily installed in the engine room and also radiator hose has been made to be connected directly features ❏ the hose fitting is detachable and it can be made according to the diameter of required hose fitting and the measurement for different hoses in inside diameter is easily made just by exchanging the fitting ❏ the reduced tube has been adopted because of no projection at flow path very small pressure loss and no influence by the piping up and downstream ❏ the part of electric connection of detector has been made smaller using the exclusive cable with connector and it is possible to make wiring by one-touch principle there is a pair of the wetted contact electrode in the nonmagnetic power

ef-auto electromagnetic flowmeter outline of detector no ◆ connection size 6 mm to 15 mm 8 7 1 2 3 4 φd 51 42 70 29 □45 quantity 1 hose fitting sus304 2 2 o-ring fkm 2 al2o3 or remarks 3 measuring tube 4 wetted electrode 5 adapter 6 fixing screw for adapter sus304 4 7 aluminum head 1 8 electrode signal cable ————— 1 dia ⵰6 approx 9 excitation current cable ————— 1 dia ⵰6 approx zro2 platinum or platinum cermet 1 1 2 2 2 a1050 a1050 zro2 for connection size 6 mm to 25 mm 1 ◆ connection size 25 mm to 50 mm material 5 6 142 9 φ84 parts name al2o3 for 40 mm to 50 mm φ84 2 platinum cermet for 6 mm to 25 mm platinum for 40 mm to 50 mm 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 φd k h 9 b w l connection size hose fitting b – k – l – ⵰d 6 mm w – 10 mm – – – – – ⵰14 15 mm – – – – – ⵰16 25 mm