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magmax® capacitance detection type compact electromagnetic flowmeter egm7300c ● fluid specification conductivity ● low 0.05 μs/cm or more 1 μs/cm or more for water refer to minimum fluid conductivity table temperature -40 to +100°c pressure size 25 to 80mm 0 pa abs to 4mpa size 100mm 0 pa abs to 1.6 mpa permissible temperature change temperature rising in 10 minutes Δt ≦ 125°c for sudden change Δt ≦ 120°c temperature falling in 10 minutes Δt ≦ 100°c for sudden change Δt ≦ 80°c indication and output specification ● indicator blue dot matrix lcd with back light 128 × 64 pixels 59 × 31 mm changeover of max 2 screens with 1 to 3 lines of display at one screen flow rate total flow volume flow velocity and coil temperature are indicated ● current output 4 to 20 ma dc max 22 ma scale out at error status when using internal power supply load resistance 1000 w or less when using external power supply external voltage 32 v dc or less ● pulse output open collector output rating 32 v dc or less 20 ma or less ≦ 10 khz 100 ma or less ≦ 100 hz pulse rate 2 to 36,000,000 pulse/h 0.00056 hz to 10 khz pulse width one of the following selectable 1 auto pulse width by which duty factor to be 50 at full scale 2 duty factor 1 1 fixed 3 free setting 0.05 to 2000 ms ● status output open collector output rating 32 v dc or less 100 ma or less contents of output one of the following selectable 1 no status output standard factory setting 2 identification of flow direction 3 over range 4 error 5 flow alarm 6 identification of range for double range measurement 7 empty flow detection ● control input voltage input low 0 to 2.5 v dc high 19 to 32 v dc contents one of the following selectable 1 no control input standard factory setting 2 signal hold 3 signal lock to 0 4 total counter reset 5 error reset 6 range selection for double range measurement ● description of input and output terminal display terminals 2 standard settings standard functions ● customer’s free measuring unit setting function volume or mass and time units in 7 characters can be created available any flow measuring units for indication ● automatic zero adjustment function zero adjustment is automatically conducted at “zero adjust mode” subject to zero flow ● bi-directional flow measurement function a flow-direction signal is outputted in state output and current ● double range measurement function possible range setting range ratio 1 20 to 1 1.25 setting range of low range 5 to 80 of high range range selection by automatic or external signal control input ● excitation current frequency switching function standard mode 1/6 of power supply frequency special mode 1/50 to 1/2 of power supply fre quency 5 ● self-diagnosis function following major error messages are indicated functional diagnosis coil disconnection cpu memory soft ware output module output connection status diagnosis velocity distribution linearity exciting current frequency over range counter over flow power fail detection ● memory save function for power fail operation parameters and totalization figures are stored for more than 10 years by eeprom non volatile memory ● testing function simulation tests for current pulse status outputs are available current output any value between 0.0 to 22.0 ma pulse output any value between 1 hz to 10 khz status output on/off ● setting by touch sensor with infrared four infrared sensors allow you to alter settings from outside without removing cover ● hart communication standardized 5 the excitation current frequency can be altered according to an application such as pulsation flow or etc changeover by setting a(a、a+/a−) current output ─ b (b、b−) status output control input c (c、c−) status output ─ d (d、d−) pulse output status output tokyo keiso co ltd flow cut off capable of individual setting of current output pulse output indication setting value 0.0 to 20.0 f.s standard setting values current output pulse output on 1 off 2 f.s indication no low cut-off ● damping time constant capable of individual setting of current output pulse output indication setting value 0.0 to 100.0 seconds standard setting values current output indication 4 seconds pulse output 0 second ● isolation of input and output each circuit of power supply electrode input exciting current output terminal a terminal b terminal c terminal d is isolated tg-f1060-2e