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with alarm contact for high flow fa-6000 series flow monitor general fa-6000 is the new addition to fa series flow monitor which have been welcomed by customers fa-6000 indicates flow rate of liquids and outputs an alarm contact at freely adjustable setting point newly designed metal supported body construction offers best durability against piping stress features ❏ compact and light design fa-6000 is very much suitable for assembling onto equipments and devices due to its compact and light design ❏ durable construction process connection is done through stainless steel fittings which support fa-6000 against piping stress ❏ water proof construction fa-6000 can also be used under splashes of water ❏ quick delivery and competitive price the standardized specification allows reasonable quick delivery time pressure loss kpa rc1 30 7 9 21 50 19 24 56 80 28 36 117 100 45 71 207 recommended application ● cooling water line ● monitoring of leakage of sealing

fa-6000 series flow monitor dimension and material 46 out 2×d no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 panel cut 46 2 9 10 12 3 13 14 4 6 96 103.5 150 1 7 8 11 4×φ4.5 5 in 56 60 22 46 out 2×d parts description float fittings float stopper float rod body stopper spring tapered tube front cover read cover o-ring read switch switch holder ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ material pps/mg sus304 sus304 sus316 scs14 fpm sus316 wp acryl p.c abs fpm ppo abs panel cut 46 2 9 ■ caution for use 10 1 ● 103.5 150 3 4 6 magnet straightener a magnet is moulded in the float and in case ferrous powders are involved in the fluid smooth movement of float will not be ob 7 tained 8 it is recommended to install a magnet straightener in upstream of 11 4×φ4.5 the line to eliminate the ferrous contents 5 in 56 60 specification is subject to change without notice head office shiba toho building 1 – 7 – 24 shibakoen minato-ku