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Catalog FKG・・・5 Pressure Transmitter 2017

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fkg 5 pressure transmitter the fcx–aiii pressure transmitter accurately measures gauge pressure and transmits a proportional 4 to 20ma signal the transmitter utilizes a unique micromachined capacitance silicon sensor with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to provide exceptional performance and functionality features 1 high accuracy up to ±0.04 0.065 accuracy as standard 0.04 accuracy as option fuji’s micro-capacitance silicon sensor assures this accuracy for all elevated or suppressed calibration ranges without additional adjustment 2 minimum environmental influence the “advance floating cell” design which protects the pressure sensor against changes in temperature and overpressure substantially reduces total measurement error in actual field applications 3 fuji/hart® bilingual communications protocol fcx–aiii series transmitter offers bilingual communications to speak both fuji proprietary protocol and hart ® any hart ® compatible

fkg 5 pressure transmitter power supply transmitter operates on 10.5v to 45v dc at transmitter terminals 10.5v to 32v dc for the units with optional arrester load limitations see figure below [Ω load resistance 2000 1474Ω 1500 r 1000 e-10.5 imax+0.9x10-3 577Ω operating area 500 24v 250 0 10 45v 16.35 10.5v power voltage dc 50 e v note for communication with hhc 1 model fxw min of 250 Ω required hazardous locations under an application see table2 zero/span adjustment zero and span are adjustable from the hhc1 zero and span are also adjustable externally from the adjustment screw damping adjustable from hhc or local configurator unit with lcd display the time constant is adjustable between 0.06 to 32 seconds zero elevation/suppression zero can be elevated or suppressed within the specified range limit of each sensor model normal/reverse action selectable from hhc1 indication analog indicator or 5-digit lcd meter as specified burnout direction selectable from

fkg 5 pressure transmitter performance specifications physical specifications reference conditions silicone oil fill 316ss isolating diaphragms 4 to 20ma analog output in linear mode accuracy rating including linearity hysteresis and repeatability max span below 10000kpa model for spans greater than 1/10 of url ±0.065 of span or ±0.04 of span 21th digit h for spans below 1/10 of url electrical connections g 1 2 1 2 -14 npt pg13.5 or m20 × 1.5 conduit as specified process connections 1 4 -18 npt or rc 1 4 on 54mm centers as specified meet din 19213 process-wetted parts material ± 0.015+0.05 0.1 × url of span span max span 50000kpa model for spans greater than 1/10 of url ±0.1 of span for spans below 1/10 of url ± 0.05+0.05 0.1 × url of span span stability ±0.1 of upper range limit url for 10 years temperature effect effects per 28°c change between the limits of −40°c and +85°c zero shift ± 0.075+0.0125 url span total effect ±

fkg 5 pressure transmitter optional features accessories indicator oval flanges converts process connection to 1/2-14 npt or to rc1/2 in carbon steel or in 316 stainless steel hand-held communicator handy type communicator with built in battery a plug-in analog indicator 2.5 accuracy an optional 5-digit lcd meter with engineering unit is also available local configurator with lcd display an optional 5 digits lcd meter with 3 push buttons can support items as using communication with fxw arrester a built-in arrester protects the electronics from lightning surges lightning surge immunity 4kv 1.2 × 50µs oxygen service special cleaning procedures are followed throughout the process to maintain all process wetted parts oil-free the fill fluid is fluorinated oil chlorine service the fill fluid is fluorinated oil degreasing process-wetted parts are cleaned but the fill fluid is standard silicone oil not for use on oxygen or chlorine measurement nace specification metallic materials

fkg 5 pressure transmitter code symbols 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 digit 4 6 7 note description

fkg 5 pressure transmitter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 digit 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 21 description

fkg 5 pressure transmitter outline diagram unit:mm vm j t 5hw sw

fkg 5 pressure transmitter vm j t 5hw 5 8

fkg 5 pressure transmitter sw

fkg 5 pressure transmitter 5 8

fkg 5 pressure transmitter table 2 authorities atex intrinsic safety authorities ex ii 1 g ex ia iic t5 tamb –40°c to +50°c ex ia iic t4 tamb –40°c to +70°c entity parameters ui=28v ii=94.3ma pi=0.66w ci=26nf without arrester li=0.6mh without analog indicator ci=36nf with arrester li=0.7mh with analog indicator factory mutual 13th digit y,g,n,r y,g,n,r y,g,n,r y,g,n,r w,a,d tamb −40°c to +85°c −20°c to +80°c −20°c to +60°c −40°c to +60°c −10°c to +60°c entity parameters vmax=28v imax=94.3ma pi=0.66w ci=35.98nf li=0.694mh csa ex ii 2 gd ex d iic t6 ip66/67 t85°c tamb −40°c to +65°c ex d iic t5 ip66/67 t100°c tamb −40°c to +85°c factory mutual class i div.1 groups b c d t6 type 4x class ii iii div.1 groups e f g t6 type 4x tamb max +60°c csa class i div.1 groups c d class ii div.1 groups e f g class iii div.1 note “seal not required” enclosure is