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fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge outline fw-9000n series is the successor to the well received and widely used fw-9000 series for its reliability and variety of application making the most of reliable durable and highly accurate mechanism of fw-9000 fw-9000n has become more reliable and user-friendly by improving the other parts consequently fw-9000n has the interchangeability with the current fw-9000 series in terms of installation methods and interfaces with other equipment its noise resistivity and lightening protection performance have improved significantly the intensified automatic self-diagnosis and self-adjustment functions have made fw-9000n more user friendly including atex certified version intended for use in potentially explosive atmosphere fw-9000n is ready to serve world-wide users applications ❑ for bonded tanks ❑ for lpg lng petroleum fuels water supply and sewage systems chemicals power plants food and beverages ❑ for versatile

fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge model code fw-9 n wire drum size measuring range 1 400mm 1 0 to 5m 2 800mm 2 0 to 10m 9 special 3 0 to 15m 4 0 to 18m pressure rating 5 0 to 25m 1 atomospheric 6 0 to 30m 2 0 to 1mpa 7 0 to 40m 3 0 to 2mpa 8 0 to 60m 4 0 to 3mpa 9 special 9 special enclosure w watertight e flameproof operation principle a very thin measuring wire b is wound onto measuring drum c hav in fw-9000n signal from balancer g is fully digitalized stepping mo ing 400 mm/r or 800 mm/r precisely machined spiral groove tor n having high resolution is controlled by microprocessor unit h this digitalized servo operation system offers high liquid following ca measuring drum c is connected to driving shaft f through magnet pability and stability in operation compared to existing analog control coupling d e and rotates forward and backward according to move method ment of gear-down unit j k and stepping motor n a worm gear j which is located on the same axis as driving shaft

fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge standard specification mechanical specification ● liquid level detection digital controlled electric servo balancing ● accuracy✽ indication and digital output 1 liquid level measurement type consisting of small size displacer mea ±0.1 20 ·b+0.06l mm ρ ·a suring wire and wire drum ● displacer dia ø140 ø110 ø90 ø70 ø50 ø30 ● measuring wire mass 250g standard ρ density of liquid to be measured material sus304 sus316 sus316l a cross section area of displacer cm2 ma equiv to hastelloy ptfe others l measuring range m b coefficient standard ball bearing spec shaft dia standard sus316 ø0.2 single option ✽1 ma equiv to hastelloy ⵰3 b 1 ø0.3 single ptfe shaft spec shaft dia ⵰3 b 2 example in case of density ρ 0.8g/cm3 and with φ90 displacer fep covered ± 0.5 0.06l mm ø0.6 stranded core ✽1 2 interface measurement small type wire drum may

fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge electronics and software specification ● signal ● self-diagnostis function 1 external input besides normal level measurement by fw-9000n the following external devices can be connected to fw-9000n data from such external instruments are digitalized and transferred to con error status indication of status lcd diagnosis 1 motor power suppy not in order 2 wire under tension temperature conversion range 200 to +320˚c 3 wire over tension 1 pt100Ω spot temp sensor ts type of tokyo keiso or 4 balancer signal not in order 5 repeatability error 6 breaking of temperature wire 7 temperature scale over 8 internal counter error 9 4 to 20 ma scale over a non-volatile memory check sum error b sensor communication error c density measurement error e slit sensor error trol room through serial data signal a temperature sensors equivalent 2 average temp sensor atm type of tokyo keiso or equivalent 3 multi-spot average temp sensor ats

fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge dimension and weight small size drum low pressure type í¢” í¢“ í¢— í¢˜ g1 3-g3/4 180 (405) 300 í¢• í¢– 300 small size drum high pressure type í¢” í¢“ 170 í¢— í¢˜ g1 (max 401) max 175.5 300 í¢• 3-g3/4 í¢– 300 180 large size drum high pressure type í¢” í¢“ í¢— í¢˜ max 270 (max 509) max 330 g1 3-g3/4 í¢• í¢– 360 tg-l1007-6e no description 1 wire drum compartment 2 drum compartment cover 3 4 330 wire drum size wire drum compartment material small large electric compartment ac2a 16kg — electric compartment cover scs13/14 35kg 90kg 5 terminal box 6 terminal box cover tokyo keiso co ltd

fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge installation following examples show how to install the instruments on cone-roof tank floating roof tank and sphere tank using stand pipes fw-9000n fw-9000n fw-9000n calibration chamber ball valve displacer displacer dir-110 series displacer dir-110 series dir-110 series cone roof tank floating roof tank spherical tank communication function the following different communications are available for fw-9000n super intelligent tank gauge 2 compatible formats for tokyo keiso s existing tank date transmitters a dm-ii type 1 standard output format of fw-9000n b db-m type c dm type transmission type 2 way-2 wire serial data transmission baud rate 2400 bps wiring bus line wiring 16 tanks/bus distance max.5 km d fw-7000 series 3 optical pulse output tokyo keiso s optical fiber tank gauging system subject to 20 /one way and inter-core capacitance 0.5 µ f/m 4 other serial communications a rs-485 modbus transmission type rs-485 2-wire baud rate

fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge example of configuration 1 example of system configuration instruments receiver fw-9000n level gauge jb average temperature sensor dir series receiver 1:1 connection average temperature sensor dir-200 nmr-4000 receiver dir-500 nmr-iii receiver panel computer tank side receiver multipoint spot temperature sensor + jb i/f ︺dc output 4 to 20ma crt series crt receiver ︺dc output 4 to 20ma host computer or dcs sub terminal a jb average temperature sensor i/f mtr series multi-terminal receiver pressure instrument main terminal spot temperature sensor ︹ i/f box valve solenoid controlled valve etc external contact input limit switch etc pump motor etc sub terminal b 2 local configuration wiring system figure 1 2 5 s q −2 c shield 1 2 5 s q −2 c shield example 1 temperature sensor fw-9000n level gauge 2c output on/off switch to control room side 1 power switch 2c tank side receiver 2c power switch for tank side

fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge ordering form tank specification liquid name density viscosity mpa•s liquid temp pressure °c mpa tank type measuring range max level change speed model code 쏔 cone roof 쏔 floating roof 쏔 spherical 쏔 mm mm/min fw-9첸첸첸n첸 process connection flange size flange rating 쏔 150mm 6 쏔 jis 5k rf 쏔 125mm 5 쏔 jis 10k rf 쏔 100mm 4 쏔 jpi #150 쏔 80mm 3 쏔 ansi#150 쏔 others 쏔 jis 20k rf 쏔 ansi#300 쏔 jis30krf 쏔 others displacer guiding 쏔 non-guide 쏔 special 쏔 stand pipe 쏔 guide wire material drum compartment displacer measuring wire output and input a remote output 쏔 ac2a 쏔 sus304 쏔 scs13 쏔 sus316 쏔 scs14 쏔 sus316l 쏔 ptfe 쏔 others 쏔 sus316 쏔 others 쏔 ma equiv to hastelloy 쏔 others 쏔 ma equiv to hastelloy 쏔