FW-9000N Series Super Interlligent Tank Gauge 2017 by Tokyo Keiso

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fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge model code fw-9 n wire drum size measuring range 1 400mm 1 0 to 5m 2 800mm 2 0 to 10m 9 special 3 0 to 15m 4 0 to 18m pressure rating 5 0 to 25m 1 atomospheric 6 0 to 30m 2 0 to 1mpa 7 0 to 40m 3 0 to 2mpa 8 0 to 60m 4 0 to 3mpa 9 special 9 special enclosure w watertight e flameproof operation principle a very thin measuring wire b is wound onto measuring drum c hav in fw-9000n signal from balancer g is fully digitalized stepping mo ing 400 mm/r or 800 mm/r precisely machined spiral groove tor n having high resolution is controlled by microprocessor unit h this digitalized servo operation system offers high liquid following ca measuring drum c is connected to driving shaft f through magnet pability and stability in operation compared to existing analog control coupling d e and rotates forward and backward according to move method ment of gear-down unit j k and stepping motor n a worm gear j which is located on the same axis as driving shaft f is connected to the angle of measuring drum rotation is obtained from the number of driving shaft f through spring i steps of stepping motor n this remarkably improves the resolution of liquid level measurement of 0.1 mm by this arrangement tension onto measuring wire b can be precisely detected by measuring distortion of spring i by balancer g a displacer a of which density is higher than that of liquid to be measured is connected to one end of measuring wire b the weight of displacer a always gives downforce tension to driving shaft f in normal measurement condition stepping motor n is controlled by signal from balancer g to give measuring wire b a slightly less and constant tension than the welght of displacer a in this way displacer a always follows liquid surface with stable draft line thus rotating angle of measuring drum c which corresponds to length of unwound measuring wire b represents height of liquid in tank by adjusting the control level of tension t onto measuring wire b interface of two liquids having different density can also be measured also by sinking displacer into liquid and measuring the tension t onto measuring wire b the liquid density can be detected and measured 2 tokyo keiso co ltd tg-l1007-6e