FW-9000N Series Super Interlligent Tank Gauge 2017 by Tokyo Keiso

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fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge standard specification mechanical specification ● liquid level detection digital controlled electric servo balancing ● accuracy✽ indication and digital output 1 liquid level measurement type consisting of small size displacer mea ±0.1 20 ·b+0.06l mm ρ ·a suring wire and wire drum ● displacer dia ø140 ø110 ø90 ø70 ø50 ø30 ● measuring wire mass 250g standard ρ density of liquid to be measured material sus304 sus316 sus316l a cross section area of displacer cm2 ma equiv to hastelloy ptfe others l measuring range m b coefficient standard ball bearing spec shaft dia standard sus316 ø0.2 single option ✽1 ma equiv to hastelloy ⵰3 b 1 ø0.3 single ptfe shaft spec shaft dia ⵰3 b 2 example in case of density ρ 0.8g/cm3 and with φ90 displacer fep covered ± 0.5 0.06l mm ø0.6 stranded core ✽1 2 interface measurement small type wire drum may be unable to be in case of density difference of 0.2 used in case of measuring wires other than ± 1.7 ⫻ a 0.06l mm standard ø0.2 even in short measuring a coefficient depending on interface conditions 1 to 5 range consult factory for details 3 density measurement ● wire drum size ± 0.01g/cm3 400 mm/r fw-9첸1첸n첸 ✽ 800 mm/r fw-9첸2첸n첸 ● tension detection by perfect non-contact magnetic field response type hall element sensor ● driving motor high resolution type stepping motor ● drive shaft sealing strong magnet coupling under reference conditions ● process connection flange flange size 3 4 5 6 or others horizontal movement of displacer for tank height to be considered for decision of flange size ● measuring range 0~5m fw-91첸첸n첸 ✽2 0~10m fw-92첸첸n첸 ✽2 0~15m fw-93첸첸n첸 ✽2 ansi 150/300 0~18m fw-94첸첸n첸 ✽2 jpi 0~25m fw-95첸첸n첸 ✽2 0~30m fw-96첸첸n첸 ✽2 0~40m fw-97첸첸n첸 ✽3 0~60m fw-98첸첸n첸 ✽3 fw-99첸첸n첸 ✽3 special ✽2 flange rating jis5k/10k/20k/30krf ● displacer guiding 150/300 others standard by stand pipe option non guide ✽4 by guide wire ✽4 special ✽4 ✽4 small size drum 400 mm/r fw-9첸1첸n첸 or specified accuracy not applicable consult factory for further details large size drum 800 mm/r fw-9첸2첸n첸 is applicable ✽3 large size drum 800 mm/r fw-9첸2첸n첸 for small size drum is applicable ● temp range liquid ambient ● displacer horizontal movement -200 to +300˚c -20 to 60˚c 400 mm/r fw-9첸1첸n첸 for 1 m liquid level movement temperature of main body however the liquid and the moisture inside ∆a=2.5mm 1.9mm 1.4mm ∆a the wire drum room shall not freeze over nor adhere for large size drum ✽ 800 mm/r fw-9첸2첸n첸 not suitable for the use environment where the mass of displacer changes by the at for 1 m liquid level movement tachment of liquid ● operating pressure ∆a=1.25mm 0.95mm 0.7mm prees op press mpa low press atm fw-9첸첸1n첸 ac2a scs13 scs14 0~1 fw-9첸첸2n첸 scs13 scs14 0~2 fw-9첸첸3n첸 scs13 scs14 0~3 fw-9첸첸4n첸 scs13 scs14 high press tg-l1007-6e model material of pressurized part ● construction watertight fw-9첸첸첸nw or flameproof exdiict6 fw-9첸첸첸ne tiis certification no tc14583 tokyo keiso co ltd 3