FW-9000N Series Super Interlligent Tank Gauge 2017 by Tokyo Keiso

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fw-9000n series super intelligent tank gauge installation following examples show how to install the instruments on cone-roof tank floating roof tank and sphere tank using stand pipes fw-9000n fw-9000n fw-9000n calibration chamber ball valve displacer displacer dir-110 series displacer dir-110 series dir-110 series cone roof tank floating roof tank spherical tank communication function the following different communications are available for fw-9000n super intelligent tank gauge 2 compatible formats for tokyo keiso s existing tank date transmitters a dm-ii type 1 standard output format of fw-9000n b db-m type c dm type transmission type 2 way-2 wire serial data transmission baud rate 2400 bps wiring bus line wiring 16 tanks/bus distance max.5 km d fw-7000 series 3 optical pulse output tokyo keiso s optical fiber tank gauging system subject to 20 /one way and inter-core capacitance 0.5 µ f/m 4 other serial communications a rs-485 modbus transmission type rs-485 2-wire baud rate 2400/4800/9600bps distance 1.2km b trl/2 compatible field bus communication of rosemount c v1 compatible corresponding to e+h company 6 tokyo keiso co ltd tg-l1007-6e