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ma-920 series micro flowmeter ■ standard specification measuring fluid liquids and gases viscosity limit for liquid flow measurement meter size viscosity max 1/2 2.0 mpa r s 3/4 1 5.0 mpa r s free from solids and particles measuring range liquid water min 0.6~3 l/h max 60~600 l/h measuring range is subject to liquid viscosity gas air,0°c,1atm range ability accuracy guranteed range min 10~100 l/h nor max 2.2~22 m3/h nor 10:1 rangeability of the meter with the full scale range smaller than 5l/min water is 10:2 it may differ depending on the liquid viscosity fluid temp 0 to 120°c fluid press standard type max 2.94 mpa high pressure type max.19.6 mpa allowable pressure is subject to the flange rating when the connection is flange type material of high pressure type is sus 316 process connection std screw 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 or 1 jis10kff flange 10a 15a 20a or 25a opt npt or other screw other flanges than jis10kff flow direction bottom to top bottom to top side bottom side to top side or bottom rear to top rear installation 3 2 digit lcd indication by industrial unit or of full scale accuracy indication and output 10 l/h or more of f.s water ±2%f.s less than 10 l/h of f.s water ±3%f.s 100 l/h nor or more of f.s air ±2%f.s repeatability 0.5%f.s output signal 4 to 20ma dc 2-wire system max.load 500Ω at 24 vdc response time within 0.4sec power source 12 to 33 vdc amb.temp –20~55°c temp.effect within 0.02 f.s /°c enclosure flameproof ex d iic t6 tiis japan certification flame-proof ex d iic t6 tiis-certified ex d iic t6 gb nepsi-certified ii2g ex d iic t6 t4/ii2d ex td a21 ip65 t85°c atex-certified cable entry g1/2 exclusive cable fitting attached possible cable out diameter 8 to 12mm standard 10 mm to 12 mm cable termination by m4 screw ambient temp –20~55°c tiis-certified –30~60°c atex-certified allowable fluid temp class tiis-certified atex-certified 100℃ to be referred to material construction below 3 kg rc1/4 connection type ■ material construction ① n s ④ ⑤ ⑥ material body scs14 2 tapered tube sus316 3 float electric circuit 4 packing ptfe2 magnetic field sensor 5 indicator transmitter adc12 6 fittings position of shape of magnetic float field ③ ② ① tokyo keiso co ltd 199.9 1 nsns ③ part name tapered tube tapered tube ② no flameproof housing float 2 120℃ t6 under the ignition temp 85°c supported by process piping are designed equal are located at 90° angle close to the tapered tube these 2 sensors generate output signal which corresponds to the strength of magnetic field and its angle by differential data processing of these outputs from 2 sensors the angle of magnetic field which represents the position of float is obtained thus the flow rate of fluid can be calculated from the position of float ① t5 — mass approx as shown in figure below a magnet with vertical polarity is molded in the float float moves vertically in response to the flow rate of fluid an oval shaped magnetic field exists between n pole and s pole of the magnet.two magnetic field sensors whose sensitivities ② t4 material ■ operating principle ③ 1 indication sus316 1 sus304 std or sus316 3 1 pps resin titanium will be used for 1/2 meter size and pps resin sus316 will be used for 3/4 and 1 meter sizes in gas measurement applications 2 packing is not an external pressure part 3 materials of flange and connection fitting can be selected specify them when ordering tg-f283-7e