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nmr-4000 tank data receiver general nmr-4000 tank data receiver ranks between the “dir-500” receiver for the small-scale tank yard and “catams” crt monitor with various functions and with maximum 160 connectable transmitters not only the tokyo keiso’s transmitters it serves other manufacturers’ products up to 160 transmitters in addition to level monitoring nmr-4000 performs versatile functions like an evaluation of sampled data alarm monitoring and volume calculation and it also communicate with other equipment through various kinds of input and output communication forms standard specification number of connectable transmitters max.160 the instument has a different size de pending on the number of connected transmitters types of transmitters following models of tokyo keiso co ltd are connectable 앫 dm4n series host interface 앫 not provided 앫 rs-232c 1 port option 앫 fw 9000n series 앫 rs-232c 2 ports option 앫

nmr-4000 tank data receiver functions the followings are the main functions of nmr-4000 tank data receiver 5 alarm output function optional 1 automatic scanning nmr-4000 scans all connected transmitters automatically in high speed evaluates the collected data and refreshes the internal two points of alarm per transmitter are output by open collector 6 level gauge control function the key operation can remotely manipultes the level gauges fw memory 8첸0첸첸첸첸첸첸첸 and fw-9000 specifically 2 self diagnosis the collected data are automatically examined the status of field transmitters and interfaces are also evaluated 3 quick selection when an indicator is lcd it is available only on 7 host computer interface function lan or rs-232c serial communication up to 2 channels are available as an option specific display the pararell communication is also available as an option both se by using ▲ and ▼ key the registered tanks can be called in turn

nmr-4000 tank data receiver indication examples menu display block list display 1 tank mode bar graph display tank data list display record display alarm status confirmation display system data change display tg-ld617-3e tokyo keiso co ltd

nmr-4000 tank data receiver standard dimensions 434 414 388 140 powe 200 172 nmr-4000 tokyo keiso co ltd front view panel cut dimension 414 384.4 cn4 cn9 cn5 cn10 cn6 usb-2 usb-1 cn1 lan-2 lan-1 l-com l-com cat 5e cat 5e f1 5a 4-6φ ac in 177 cn3 cn8 140 cn7 392 cn2 ac in rear view 172 384.4 384.4 393 513 172 side view top view top view side view specification is subject to change without notice head office shiba toho building 1 – 7 – 24 shibakoen minato-ku tokyo 105 – 8558 tel +81-3 – 3431 – 1625 key fax +81-3 – 3433 – 4922 e-mail overseas.sales@tokyokeiso.co.jp url http www.tokyokeiso.co.jp 4