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o-180/780 series oriflometer® ■ suggestions 1 upper/lower straight tube length to obtain measurements with the predetermined bddvsbdz tusbjhiusvotpgqjqftbsfsfrvjsfepocpuiuif vqtusfbnboeepxotusfbntjeftpguifápxnfufs5if sfrvjsfemfohuiwbsjftefqfoejohpouifqjqjohdpoejujpo and the diameter ratio the following table shows the sfrvjsfemfohuibtbsfgfsfodf valve elbows and tees fully-opened gate valve length of straight 6d run of pipe 8d upstream length of straight run of pipe 3d 3d downstream ra%joejdbuftuifjotjefejbnfufspguifqjqf r5ifmfohuipgtusbjhiusvopgqjqfjtnfbtvsfegspnuif vqtusfbngbdfpguifpsjàdfqmbuf r3fgfsup 4;gpsefubjmtpguiftusbjhiusvo pgqjqf 2 air bubble elimination and draining air bubble in the indicator may cause measurement error eliminate the air in the indicator through air elimination plug at the top of indicator for the start-up 3 reading of flow rate the flow rate is to be read by the position of float and engraved graduation refer to the following gas application liquid application for local indicator top center alarm versions metallic material alarm versions pvc ht.pvc top top 4 flow direction by changing the direction of indicator oriflo may be used for any flow direction of bottom to top left to right right to left and top to bottom this change can be conducted in the field as well air elimination plug ball valves are available for air eliminator and drain out as option as follows material construction option material class 3 material class 2 material class 1 ball valve cock nipple nipple r1/4 sgp astm a351cf8m equiv sus304 to scs14a method to install shape upper and lower parts embedded in cap rc1/4 ■ accessories 1 counter flanges counter flanges are available on request supply scope is as follows part name q ty material flange 2 ss400 sus304 sus316 bolt and nuts as required ss400 sus304 non-asbestos nbr fpm epdm others gaskets 2 2 ts flanges ts socket welding flanges are also available on request sus316 material class 5 material class 4 r1/4 14 pvc upper body and lower part embedded in cap — part name q ty ts socket welding flange 2 bolt and nuts as required gaskets 2 material pvc ht-pvc ss400 sus304 nbr epdm others not applicable tokyo keiso co ltd tg-f771-17e