SFC-780 UCUF series DSP Type Converter (RoHS compatible) 2017 by Tokyo Keiso

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suitable for flow measurements and control of cleaning and cmp processes ultra-clean ultrasonic flowmeter sfc-780 rohs compatible ucuf converter for ultrasonic flowmeter outline the ucuf ultra-clean ultrasonic flowmeter series ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for very low flow rate applications the nonwetted sensor design constructed of specific grade pfa material makes the ucuf series an ideal choice for semiconductor industry where extreme cleanness of pipe line inside is of primary importance the sfc-780 is used as a converter for ucuf series ultrasonic flowmeters using state-of-art signal processing technology this converter offers stable flow measurement by minimizing adverse effects caused by the bubbles contained in the flow liquids thus it has achieved the reliable flow measurement of semiconductor manufacturing process and chemical liquids handling process furthermore the stability of flow measurement at low flow rate has been improved significantly by the upgrading of time

sfc-780 converter for ultrasonic flowmeter • measurable fluid liquids • fluid temperature 10 to 60°c consult us about 61°c or more • fluid sound speed 첸 1 2 – sfc-780 sensor connection 첸 0 1 2 3 1000 to 2200m/s • fluid kinematic viscosity 0.3 to 40mm2/s analog output • flow detector and flow range flow range l/min min max 0 to 0.05 0 to 2.0 0 to 0.05 0 to 3.0 0 to 0.4 0 to 8.0 0 to 1.0 0 to 20.0 0 to 3.0 0 to 50.0 0 to 4.0 0 to 80.0 detector ucuf-04mb ucuf-04k 4pb ucuf-06k 06pb ucuf-10k ucuf-15k ucuf-20k coaxial connector is bnc connector consult us about other models • low flow cutoff 0 to 25%fs • linearizer automatic 첸 blank /z special description ucuf-04 06 10 ucuf-15 20 4 to 20ma 0 to 10voption 0 to 5voption 1 to 5voption not provided provided bnc connector terminal in out polarity inlet outlet description sensor signal input terminal arrangement manual /15 line-segment approximation option • status