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Catalog TF-4000 Series Thermal Mass Flowmeter (Digital Indication type) 2017

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low price high efficiency tf-4000 series thermal mass flowmeter outline tf-4000 series thermal mass flowmeter for compactness and high cost performance has been developed by our long experience and the accumulation of technology for the thermal mass flow measurement low price but digital indicator fixed type is built in digital and analog interfaces are fully equipped and the indication value can be confirmed at the site and also it can be controlled at the remote place the power supply is 12 to 24 v dc ce marking has been obtained for the fixed type indicator this thermal mass flowmeter can be used for the various applications features ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ indicator digital indication ce marked includes digital and analog interfaces quick response by highly reliable and compact pt temperature sensor ❏ low cost secured by the stainless steel precision casting of the flow path ❏ various functions such as alarm and generation of totalized pulse are built in ❏ wide

tf-4000 thermal mass flowmeter rc1/2 0 300 l/min nor 2.87 kpa approx rc1/2 0 400 l/min nor 4.28 kpa approx rc1/2 0 500 l/min nor 6.20 kpa approx 40–1 40–2 40–3 rc3/4 0 600 l/min nor 3.13 kpa approx rc3/4 0 800 l/min nor 4.11 kpa approx rc3/4 0-1000 l/min nor 6.01 kpa approx 1 0 to 5 v dc 2 4 to 20 ma dc analog output tf-4000 thermal mass flowmeter □w screw holes location on the detector bottom 4-m4 depth 4 a for detector fixation b wiring indication analog out put(+) analog out put(−) open collector high alarm(+) open collector low alarm(+) open collector totalization out put(+) open collector com open collector com power supply(+) power supply(−) shield signal power supply connector 2-rc l signal power supply cable color brown red orange yellow green blue violet black gray black thick 31 rs-485 connector ❋ gas pressure