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2007 you for me sandro tonon developes together with 6 designers a fully upholstered collection all manufactured with injected foam shells up chair the first chair in skin injected foam is born integral foam the up-chair immediately gets the favorite in all international markets both for the material and for its organic design river stone 2015 2011 2003 1998 the change of upholstery high gloss furniture are coming in fashion tonon gets with the paperclip chair a bestseller in america department stores as bloomingdale and macy’s sell the chair all over the united states tonon is changing from the traditional upholstery on wooden frame to shells with steel construction and injected foam episodes collection will get soon one of the most famous collections of tonon in 2004 tonon delivers over 1900 chairs for the main restaurant of the queen mary 2 new materials the research alberto tonon “cavaliere del regno” founds the company 1981 1960 augsto and bruno tonon lead the

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ispirata dai classici e reinterpretata inspired by the classics and reread la scocca dalla forma organica the organic shape shell is made of a self-supporting della step è composta da un telaio frame injected with coloured integral foam called “soft autoportante schiumato in gomma touch” the shell fits the body shape offering a pleasant integrale colorata chiamata “soft touch” sensation of softness which gives the seating the utmost si adatta alla forma del corpo e comfort beside the attractive 4-leg base in metal or with trasmette una piacevole sensazione elegant wooden legs in american walnut or oak step is di morbidezza che dona alla seduta il also available with cantilever base and central column massimo confort all’attraente fusto con base in lacquered die cast aluminium 4 gambe in metallo disponibili anche nell’elegante versione rivestita in legno nell’essenza noce americano o rovere si aggiungono le varianti a slitta e la base

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sedia con gambe in acciaio cromato chair with legs available in polished or matt opaco o lucido acciaio inox spazzolato chrome steel in brushed stainless steel or o gambe rivestite in legno scocca in solid wood shell in skin injected foam 13 disponibile in 13 colori di schiumato standard colours the stool with central column integrale sgabello con colonna centrale in matt chrome finish is height-adjustable and in metallo cromato opaco con seduta has a swivel seat girevole e regolabile in altezza martin_ballendat concept_902 132

upholstered soft touch tako_451 451.11 451.31 product in our modern dining collection technical info kg cbm 451.11 sedia con gambe in legno chair with wooden legs 85 56 40 49 47 9.5 x2 0.484 451.31 sedia con gambe in legno chair with wooden legs 85 56 40 49 47 9.5 x1 0.334 shell in “soft touch” x15 x09 x16 x03 wooden legs x07 shell upholstered in fabric and leather r 3.011 solid oak oiled r 3.102 oak light stain nc 8.011 solid black walnut oiled nc 8.146 black walnut stain x01 150

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