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forge last call for the living peterfarris aferociouslyauthenticdebutaboutadeadlybankheist andayoungtellertakenhostagefortherideofhislife f or bank teller charlie colquitt it was just another saturday for hobe hicklin an ex-con with nothing to lose it was just another score for hobe s drug-addled sex-crazed girlfriend it was just more lust violence and drugs but in this gripping narrative nothing is as it seems hicklin s first mistake was double-crossing his partners in the aryan brotherhood his second mistake was taking a hostage but he and charlie can hide out for only so long in the mountains of north georgia before the sins of hicklin s past catch up to them hot on hicklin s trail are a pair of ruthless brotherhood soldiers ready to burn a path of murder and mayhem to get their revenge gbi special agent sallie crews and sheriff tommy lang catch the case themselves no strangers to the evil men are capable of soon crews is making some dangerous connections while for the

forge hitman the untold story of johnny martorano whitey bulger s enforcer and the most feared gangster in the underworld howiecarr thenew york timesbestsellingtruecrimestoryfrom radiohosthowiecarrisnowinpaperback m artin scorsese s the departed barely touched on his story now radio talk show sensation crime reporter and boston herald columnist howie carr takes us into the heart of the life of johnny martorano for two decades martorano struck fear into anyone even remotely connected to his world his partnership with whitey bulger and the infamous winter hill gang led to twenty murders for which johnny would serve twelve years in prison carr also looks at the politicians and fbi agents who aided johnny and whitey and at the flamboyant city of boston which martorano so ruthlessly ruled a plethora of paradoxes johnny martorano was mr mom by day and man-about-town by night surrounded by fast-living politicians sports celebrities and show biz entertainers johnny was charismatically

forge the sea witch stephencoonts acollectionofthreenovellasfromnew york times bestsellingauthorstephencoonts r eturning to the kind of military and espionage story that made his career such a success stephen coonts weaves three unforgettable tales of dramatic military action and undercover technology included in this collection are al-jihad an ex-marine sniper and a military pilot team up to kill the terrorists who murdered the pilot s parents but out in the libyan desert all is not as it seems and these two must use all their skills just to stay alive the sea witch what happens when you load a catalina flying boat with five tons of bombs a half-dozen machine guns and a crew that walks a fine line between valor and suicide in the pacific theater of war the japanese navy is about to discover the answer marketing plans ·nationalprintadvertisingin militarypublications ·onlineadvertisingthrough targetede-newsletters ·publicitytoinclude ·authorappearancesand promotionattradeshows

forge the kryptos conundrum chasebrandon formerciaundercoveroperativechasebrandontakes usdeepintothemysteryofkryptos,oneofthemost famousunsolvedcodesintheworld a ten-foot-tall copper sculpture stands in the courtyard of the central intelligence agency emblazoned with a message no one can decipher one man knows exactly what the statue says dr jonathan s chalmers heads a cia working group tasked with containing the greatest secret our government has ever kept and planning for its consequences he alone knows the full story of the threats that face america threats that have shaped our country s past present and future if chalmers can t save us nobody can in the kryptos conundrum former cia operative chase brandon tells a high intensity tale that will leave readers breathless hasebrandon,anundercoverciaveteran,haswrittenthe c conspiracythrillerofthecentury aspellbindingnovelthatends withanapocalypticbang douglas preston new york times bestselling author of impact marketing plans

forge strong vengeance a caitlin strong novel jonland ripping!caitlinstrongismyfavoritenewseries g character harlan coben #1 new york times bestselling author 1818 in the gulf waters off the texas coast the pirate jean lafitte and his partner jim bowie launch an attack on the mother mary a slave ship carrying an invaluable treasure the present fifth-generation texas ranger caitlin strong finds herself investigating the murder of the oil-rig crew that had found the long-lost wreckage of the mother mary the crew also uncovered something else beneath the surface of the sea something connected to a terrorist attack about to be launched by a mad american-born cleric who has recruited an army of homegrown terrorists with the stakes higher than any she has encountered before caitlin races to find the connection between the treasure of the mother mary and the deadly secret hidden on the bottom of the ocean caitlin s only chance to defeat the terrorists lies in the darkest reaches of the

forge a city of broken glass rebeccacantrell journalisthannahvogelreturnsto1938berlin a compellingandhumanstorythatcapturesbrilliantly theatmosphereofberlinduringtheriseofthenazis anne perry new york times bestselling author of we shall not sleep on a trace of smoke j ournalist hannah vogel is in poland with her son anton to cover the 1938 st martin festival when she hears that 12,000 polish jews have been deported from germany hannah drops everything to get the story on the refugees and walks directly into danger kidnapped by the ss and driven across the german border hannah is rescued by anton and her lover lars lang whom she had presumed dead two years before hannah doesn t know if she can trust lars again with her heart or with her life but she has little choice injured in the escape attempt and wanted by the gestapo hannah and anton are trapped with lars in berlin while hannah works on an exit strategy she helps to search for ruth the missing toddler of her jewish friend paul

forge n co o v t fi er n a l the formula for murder carolmccleary theworld smostfamousreporter,theintrepid nelliebly,huntsdownamurdererinengland h the formula for murder carolmccleary istory mystery murder and mad science accompany plucky victorian newspaper reporter nellie bly when she travels to the haunted moors of england to investigate the mysterious death of another journalist refusing to believe the young writer committed suicide nellie s search for the truth takes her from foggy londontown to the ancient roman ruins at bath and the eerie landscape of dartmoor stalked by a killer as she unravels the mystery behind a series of deaths nellie encounters a handsome young biology teacher named h g wells whose knowledge leads nellie into the realm of science gone mad joined by oscar wilde fleeing a sex scandal and arthur conan doyle pursuing a legendary beast of the moors nellie struggles to stay alive as she hunts down a scientist who is trying to recreate in a test tube the work of

forge stealing from the dead a.j.zerries detectivegretastrasseruncoversabrutalplotto stealmillionsfromholocaustsurvivorsandfuelavast terroristconspiracy b etween 1933 and 1945 thousands of jewish people deposited their money in swiss bank accounts hoping that they or their family might survive the holocaust however when the survivors returned to reclaim their money the banks claimed that the accounts never existed now decades later nypd detective greta strasser investigating the death of an elderly jewish woman stumbles onto a conspiracy that stretches from new york and los angeles to germany from switzerland to the middle east greta recruited by a special task force follows a trail of ruthless murders the conspirators have hired an assassin to kill the people on the claims resolution tribunal list greta hell-bent on stopping the senseless deaths and enormous theft of funds goes undercover to prevent the next murder even though it means impersonating the assassin she hunts with all

w bruce cameron backlist a dog s purpose isbn 978-0-7653-3034-5 tpb · $12.99 14.99 can emory s gift isbn 978-0-7653-2781-9 hc · $22.99 26.50 can recent trade releases hard knocks howie carr isbn 978-0-7653-2640-9 hc · $24.99 28.99 can blowout byron l dorgan and david hagberg isbn 978-0-7653-2737-6 hc · $25.99 29.99 can cain at gettysburg ralph peters isbn 978-0-7653-3047-5 hc · $25.99 29.99 can betrayal robert fitzpatrick and jon land isbn 978-0-7653-3551-7 hc · $24.99 28.99 can f

index t=tor f=forge acosta marta dark companion t31 anna dressed in blood kendare blake t45 arthurson wayne fall from grace f20 axelrod jared battle of blood and ink the t6 barnes john mother of storms t30 battle of blood and ink the jared axelrod and steve walker t6 beast of baskerville the annette cascone and gina cascone t2 bebris carrie deception at lyme the t54 bernobich beth queen s hunt t37 beware the ninja weenies david lubar t22 black bottle anthony huso t53 blackmail earth bill evans t21 blake kendare anna dressed in blood t45 blake kendare girl of nightmares t48 bledsoe alex wake of the bloody angel t42 bova ben orion and king arthur t39 bova ben immortality factor the t50 brandon chase kryptos conundrum the

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