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exterior styling the very first thing you need to know about the all new 3rd generation prius is that it s a very different car from the prius you think you might know it s been completely redesigned for starters with a more sculpted refined and sporty exterior it combines form and function unlike any other car on the road its iconic shape enabling a more streamlined drive than ever before shaped by experience our 3rd generation prius doesn t just reflect its iconic shape and design heritage it goes even further by setting a whole new benchmark in purposeful vehicle design whether in the city or further afield the sleeker more refined body aero-cornered bumpers and a rear-focused roof provide a seamless airflow around over and even under the car offering a remarkably low drag co-efficient of just 0.25 prius increases its efficiency providing instant and tangible economy and emissions benefits indeed prius has spent more time being refined and redefined in wind tunnels than any other

prius i-techtm model shown not only does the outside of prius make a statement but when you actually get into one you ll see the inside does too there s room and lots of it not just for the driver but for all of you there s air in here space to breathe room to think and comfortable seating for up to 5 adults and of course room for everything from luggage to the family pet jump in the back and you ll notice immediately that toyota has done something pretty clever to make things a bit more comfortable they ve carefully reduced some of the bulk behind the front seats so they re extraordinarily comfy to sit in but give more legroom to the people sitting in the back driver-gonomic what s so clever about prius is that the design team have grounded every design decision in the real world using insights and experience to produce innovative features that are remarkably intuitive open the door and as well as ample room and a supportive ergonomic seating design you ll notice prius offers a

doing more of the work but when you hit the highway the petrol engine will get more involved you won t even know it s happening but you might notice how long it s been since you last filled up power mode this is when performance meets efficiency so if you need to overtake that truck in front of you on the highway all you have to do is press power mode and prius knows your intentions responding even more quickly to your right foot with just the lightest of touches producing responsive power when you need it touch and go place your fingers on the touch tracer controls prius innovative steering wheel mounted controls and whatever you touch is reflected instantly onto the dashboard multi information display from adjusting the air-conditioning skipping to the next song to checking your fuel economy you can see exactly what your fingers are pressing and still know what s happening on the road take your fingers off and it s gone again just like that icon of change

it s just a normal car a lot of people don t understand this it just puts out much less carbon than any other car steve jones managing director investment trading company 2nd generation prius owner steve jones traded in his european convertible four years ago for a prius because he simply `loves the idea of saving the ecology how has switching to a prius changed your life well firstly it s saved me lots and lots and lots it s cut my fuel bill by a minimum of $2000 annually but that s not the reason i bought it i m just a `greeny at heart i drive mainly around the city and average around 4.2-4.3l/100km in petrol and i don t go out of my way to drive overly economically i just drive normally what do you love most about your prius it s just a normal car a lot of people don t understand this it just puts out much less carbon than any other car it s just so easy to live with and at the end of the day i just love it sheik saheb 2nd generation prius taxi driver sheik has been driving

prius i-techtm shown in silver pearl at the csiro national solar energy centre newcastle icon of change

advanced safety whether you re just ducking round the corner or setting out on the great australian road trip when you get behind the wheel there s simply nothing more important than knowing you re safe as well as an already impressive host of passive and active safety features including anti-skid braking system abs brake assist ba and vehicle stability control vsc with traction control trc prius features an impressive array of safety features powered by ingenious technology all designed to make sure you arrive at your destination safely wherever that may be emergency brake signal blink and you ll miss it there s nothing more frightening than having the car in front of you suddenly anchoring the brakes giving you little or no time to react that s why prius features an emergency brake signal to help both you and other drivers on the road avoid a collision when driving over 55km/h the on-board computer in prius will cause the led rear brake-lamps to rapidly flash when it senses an

day two 7.30am start up the all new prius goes immediately into ev mode and almost noiselessly cruises the first 25 metres nice for a quiet getaway the hotel guests will love us 10.00am spend the morning shooting around batemans bay area including the harbour an old house at the side of the highway and poplars along the road 12.45pm using the in-built navigation is a breeze even with a couple of road closures arrive at narooma early fresh oysters 1.20pm lunch at historic central tilba once again we re asked about the car in the car park second time people have admired the colour stealth fantastic to shoot too 4.50pm arrive at bega decide to call it a day impressive 3.9l/100km so far especially considering we ve been driving normally without trying to overtly focus on fuel consumption 02 03 02 having a feed at central tilba 03 oysters at narooma bridge 04 cruising down seacliff bridge wollongong 05 morning tea at cooma 04 05 17 icon of

prius range 19 icon of

prius i-techtm shown in tasman is accessorised with slimline weathershields front rear set headlamp protectors and parkassist clearance parking sensors 21 icon of

specifications standard features · toyota s superior hybrid synergy drive technology · fuel consumption 3.9l/100km5 · emissions 89g/km5 · smart entry and start · 15 alloy wheels 4 · front fog lamps · cruise control · rain-sensing wipers · anti-skid braking system abs · vehicle stability control vsc with traction control trc · 8 speaker single cd in-dash sound system with audio input jack · 7 airbags · driver passenger front 2 · driver s knee 1 · front rear curtain airbags 2 · front driver passenger side airbags 2 · hands-free bluetoothtm1 connectivity · water-repellent side mirrors with indicator lamps · power windows and mirrors · led taillights with emergency brake signals · climate control air-conditioning · head up display system hud · multi information display · energy monitor · hybrid system indicator · three alternative driving modes · eco · power · ev · touch tracer display · 60:40 split retractable rear seats navigation pack features in

powered by front cover prius i-techtm shown in stealth icon of change