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unleash a beast when it s all said and done it s what s on the inside that counts that s why hilux offers you three powerful engines to choose from so whether you re navigating the urban jungle or scrambling over challenging terrain there s a hilux ready to take it on with you real power s within reach 2.7l 4-cylinder with vvt-i available on workmate models this gutsy 2.7 litre petrol engine with 116kw of power makes outstanding performance available at an affordable price with vvt-i technology seeing it punch above its weight this dohc 4-cylinder delivers smooth power all the way up the rev range and with advanced technologies that improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions you can cut loose with a clearer conscience 2.7l 4-cylinder with vvt-i 4.0l v6 with vvt-i 3.0l turbo-diesel 155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 4 9/11/12 1:56

making the unforgettable unbreakable a lot of work goes into making hilux not just look effortlessly good but unbreakable with a terrain and climate as diverse and at times unforgiving as australia s you need a vehicle that can cope with extremes from tight corners in city streets to vast open deserts hilux can handle anything your location throws at it with a clever mix of high tensile and anti-corrosion sheet steel the body is as tough as they come with a rigid design that takes the strain whatever you load it with it s also built to go the distance with less wear and tear meaning less maintenance in the long-run delivering you great value for money we ve spent years getting the science of body structure right making sure our vehicles can take the maximum load possible while minimising the impact on performance and efficiency our engineers are dedicated to creating developing and improving even the tiniest detail to create a reliable performance experience we re proud to put our

front side and curtain shield airbags shown on 4x4 sr5 double-cab a/t it s unbreakable because you re not with its hard-earned reputation for toughness it won t surprise you to learn that hilux is big on safety with an energy-absorbing front chassis structure and strong safe-t-cell it takes impacts from all angles on the chin but while it s big on brawn it s got brains too to help prevent collisions abs anti-skid braking system is standard on all models while all sr5 double-cab 4x4 models have vsc vehicle stability control vsc helps ensure stability by automatically adjusting engine output and the braking force of each wheel when the vehicle experiences over steer or under steer during cornering whilst trc traction control controls the wheel spin when starting or accelerating on slippery or uneven road surfaces 155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 8 9/11/12 1:57

take on the rough with the smooth work can take you anywhere and so can hilux designed with flexibility in mind the hilux is available as a 4x2 or 4x4 ­ so you can enjoy as much control off-road as you do on and with suspension designed to help give you a smooth stable ride whatever the load whatever the conditions ­ you can tackle the toughest of terrain without feeling every bump front suspension rear suspension 155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 10 9/11/12 1:57

155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 12 9/11/12 1:57

sr5 interior 4x4 turbo-diesel model shown climate control ­ sr5 model shown sr5 4x4 petrol double-cab model shown sr single-cab 4x2 model shown automatic transmission and shift lever ­ sr5 4x4 model shown rear seat storage space ­ sr5 double-cab model shown 155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 14 9/11/12 1:57

looks as tough as it talks despite a reputation for being unbreakable hilux never compromises on style with a bold brash exterior that s every bit as appealing as what s on the inside 155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 16 9/11/12 1:58

what s your hilux of choice 4x2 range workmate an uncompromising workhorse for everyday adventures the workmate is available as a single-cab cab-chassis or double-cab pick-up ­ and power to get the job done everytime with a choice of a 2.7 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine or a 3.0 litre turbo-diesel it s got power to burn and the ultra-tough chassis means you can carry up to 1.3 tonnes 4x2 2.7l single-cab cab-chassis m/t ­ wherever you want to go single-cab cab-chassis 2.7l petrol in ink shown accessorised with after-sale dealer fitted steel tray sr with all the features of the workmate ­ along with some additional kick and a range of great extras the sr is a versatile beast choose from a single extra or double-cab and from a cab-chassis or pick-up engine-wise it s your call whether you go for the 4.0 litre v6 petrol or 3.0 litre turbo-diesel with a powerful 343nm of torque extra-cab pick-up turbo-diesel in glacier white sr5 the ultimate in the 4x2 class is the sr5 a triumph of style

have it your way 4x4 sr double-cab pick-up v6 with option pack in sterling silver accessorised with weathershields roof racks kayak carrier steel bull bar driving lights 17 alloy wheels and ute/tailgate liner all accessories sold separately alloy bull bar steel bull bar driving lights and superwinch sold separately deluxe nudge bar tray body range heavy duty alloy tray pictured ute/tailgate liner sports bar sports bar pictured applicable to doublecab workmate and double-cab sr model reversing camera tray body1,2 bonnet protector headlamp covers sold separately weathershields sold separately roof racks towbar with rear step3 towball and trailer wiring harness sold separately towbar towball and trailer wiring harness3 sold separately 155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 20 9/11/12 1:58

a hilux 4x4 to suit every need model workmate engine type turbo-diesel transmission automatic cab single-cab double-cab style cab-chassis pick-up cab-chassis pick-up manual single-cab double-cab sr petrol automatic manual double-cab single-cab double-cab pick-up cab-chassis pick-up cab-chassis cab-chassis pick-up turbo-diesel automatic manual single-cab extra-cab double-cab cab-chassis pick-up sr5 petrol automatic manual double-cab pick-up turbo-diesel automatic manual double-cab extra-cab pick-up pick-up a hilux 4x2 to suit every need model workmate engine type petrol transmission automatic cab single-cab double-cab style cab-chassis pick-up cab-chassis pick-up cab-chassis manual single-cab double-cab turbo-diesel manual single-cab sr petrol automatic single-cab cab-chassis pick-up extra-cab double-cab manual single-cab pick-up pick-up cab-chassis pick-up double-cab turbo-diesel manual single-cab double-cab extra-cab pick-up cab-chassis pick-up sr5 petrol automatic double-cab

we sedit are is a nem group ad magnitium of passionate et laccum perfectionists verum ea who nonsequas can t let well aribusdam enoughnemped alone that s quis toyota that s molendae the doluptae spirit and ma that s corepraepe our contribution volecum to the nameworld of person position held eiji toyoda yaris prius c corolla rukus prius camry hybrid camry aurion tarago rav4 kluger fj cruiser prado landcruiser 200 series landcruiser 70 series hilux hiace commuter bus hiace van coaster 155354 gto 1447 hilux brochure.indd 24 9/11/12 1:59