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the power to take you anywhere when you re deep in the outback every moment presents a new challenge and it s in these moments ­ when it really comes to the crunch ­ that you discover the real meaning of power ,qwkh/dqg&uxlvhuwkdwsrzhufrphvlqwkh choice of two awe-inspiring engines the 4.6 litre v8 petrol with dual vvt-i technology dual variable valve timing with intelligence and the 4.5 litre v8 twin turbo­diesel both engines are capable of producing blistering power matched with unsurpassed smoothness strength in numbers the 4.6 litre v8 petrol engine1 is nothing short of a prghuqpdvwhuslhfh3urgxflqjn:lwvvhulrxvo powerful and with a maximum torque of 439nm at usplwsxoovolnhdwudlqwrr amazingly these increases in power and torque don t come at a cost at the fuel pump designed to comply with tightened euro iv emissions regulations this qhzhqjlqhrhuvlpsuryhgixhohflhqf dvzhoodv superior performance the 4.5 litre v8 twin turbo-diesel engine with lqwhufrrohudqggluhfwlqmhfwlrqlvdvhulrxv

suspension control your environment kdss minimising body roll across a range of driving conditions is important to our 4wd engineers and drivers to solve this problem they designed the kinetic dynamic suspension system kdssdh[leohvxvshqvlrqv vwhpghvljqhgwr lpsuryhgulylqjg qdplfvrurdgrujlylqjhqrxjkwr jlyh rxvxsuhphzkhhoduwlfxodwlrqshuirupdqfhdwulglqj comfort and unprecedented stability in even the roughest conditions it s able to help suppress body roll and maintain rigidity at high speeds this makes for outstanding turning performance and a smooth steering feel when cornering 66lvqrwdydlodeohrq lvdqrswlrqdoh[wudrq 7xuerglhvhodqglvvwdqgdug on all other grades multi-terrain select 7kh/dqg&uxlvhu9;dqg6dkdudprghovduhwwhgzlwkdyh setting multi-terrain select system designed to provide the slqqdfohrirurdgshuirupdqfhzkhqwkhjrlqjjhwvwrxjk no matter what stands in your way you can choose the right mode to conquer it select from `rock `rock dirt 0rjxo/rrvh5rfndqg0xg6dqgdwwkhwxuqridgldo to

the thinking man s 4wd hill-start assist control hac /hiw:lwkrxw 5ljkw:lwk 0ruhwkdqmxvwjrrgorrnvjxwvdqgpxvfohwkh/dqg&uxlvhukdvorqj been at the forefront of 4wd technology and this latest incarnation is no exception it s loaded with some of the most technologically advanced dqgvdihw v vwhpv rxooqgdq zkhuh +loovwduw$vvlvw&rqwuro lvvwdqgdugdfurvvwkhudqjhdqgkhosv hqvxuhvprrwkxskloowdnhrvrqhyhqwkhvwhhshvwwhuudlq9hklfoh 6wdelolw rqwuro96 khosvlqfuhdvhvdihw lqglfxowurdgdqg weather conditions by helping prevent a loss of control in a sideways vnlgzkloh$fwlyh7udfwlrq&rqwuro$75 ghwhfwvdq odfnriwudfwlrq dqgdxwrpdwlfdoo uhgxfhvwrutxhwrwkhdhfwhgzkhhov vsc and a-trc inward moment outward moment 7kh0xowl7huudlq$qwl/rfn%udnlqj6 vwhp 6 qrwrqo khosvsuhyhqw wkhzkhhoviurporfnlqjxqghuvwurqjeudnlqjlwdovrghwhfwvrurdg conditions such as dirt and sand and automatically switches to the optimum abs control for those conditions ­ giving an excellent braking ihholqrurdggulylqj

turn assist function all action no spin systems like the kdss and the upgraded vwhs&5 rqwuro6 vwhpxqghuolqhwklv domination by automatically controlling engine rxwsxwdqgeudnhsuhvvxuhwkh&5 v vwhp maintains a low uniform speed on slippery and uneven surfaces this allows the driver to concentrate on steering the vehicle and reduces the burden of tackling these tough conditions ruling the bends with the introduction of turn assist to the &5 v vwhpvwhhulqjwkurxjkwljkwfruqhuv at a constant low speed has been made easier the result is minimal wheel spin increased yhklfohvwdelolw dqghqkdqfhgrurdgdelolw in the end it all boils down to superior technology and unmatched intelligence $frpelqdwlrqwkdwkdvhduqhgwkh/dqg&uxlvhu wkhxqglvsxwhgpdqwohriwkh.lqj27kh5rdg 66lvqrwdydlodeohrq lvdqrswlrqdoh[wudrq 7xuerglhvho and is standard on all other grades sahara model

harder on the outside softer on the inside /dqg&uxlvhuvkdyhexlowwkhluuhsxwdwlrqrqdurfnvrolg exterior but scratch the surface and it s easy to uncover their softer side because no matter how rough and tumble it gets outside you should always feel safe on the inside 6wudwhjlfdoo sodfhgwkurxjkrxwwkhfdelqwkh/dqg&uxlvhu vudiwridluedjvkhossurwhfwhyhu rffxsdqwlqwkhfdvh of an accident all models come equipped with driver and front passenger dual stage srs airbags knee and front side airbags for the driver and passenger as well as curtain shield airbags for the front and second row

room with a view 7kh/dqg&uxlvhupljkwehwrxjkdvqdlovrqwkhrxwvlghexw lqvlgh rxzrqwqgwkhidlqwhvwwudfhriurxjkqhvv,qidfwwkh very moment you step inside you can t help but notice the quality of the craftsmanship and materials throughout the luxurious interior with three interior themes ­ black grey and beige with suhplxpideulfrswlrqvdydlodeohrq dqg judghvdqgohdwkhu accented interior available on sahara and vx grades ­ creating dvrrwklqjo frpiruwdeohhqylurqphqw rxooqgwkhuljrxuvri the road feel a world away %xwrifrxuvhwkh/dqg&uxlvhulvqwmxvwexlowirufrpiruw it s been designed for convenience too from the smoothly designed surfaces of the instrument panel to the cleverly concealed storage spaces and safety devices take the short way home whether it is kakadu or the corner shop it s now easier than hyhuwruhdfk rxughvwlqdwlrq 9;dqg6dkdudprghovduh doowwhgzlwk6dwhoolwh1dyljdwlrq so there s no excuse for getting lost wherever you are in the sahara the satellite navigation system operates through

individual brilliance -xvwolnhhyhu gulyhuhyhu dqg&uxlvhu deserves to be treated as an individual $qgwrkhosfxvwrplvh rxuqhz6hulhv vehicle there is an extensive range of toyota genuine accessories whether you want wrsuhsduhlwiruwkhprvwh[wuhphrurdg adventures increase its storage capacity or tow a trailer there s a genuine accessory wkdwvsuryhqwrehmxvwdvuxjjhgdv rxu new vehicle alloy nudge bar $ydlodeohiru dqg judghvrqo steel bull bar 5 203 7 5,9,1 76 sold separately alloy bull bar 5 203 7 520 5,9,1 766rogvhsdudwho superwinch ­ 9000lb capacity requires steel bull bar sold separately $oor khhov towbar towball and trailer wiring harness 3500kg braked capacity sold separately important notice some toyota genuine accessories are not applicable to all models/grades please also consider the mass of your load to ensure you will not exceed the maximum allowable individual axle capacity gross vehicle mass and/or gross &rpelqhg0dvvriwkhyhklfoh5hihuwrwkh$ffhvvrulhveurfkxuhdydlodeohiurp rxu7r

/dqg&uxlvhu0rgho ,167580176$1 21752/6 &uxlvhfrqwuro tilt and telescopic steering wheel urethane steering wheel with audio controls /hdwkhudffhqwhgvwhhulqjzkhhozlwkdxglr mid controls /hdwkhudffhqwhgzrrgjudlqorrnvwhhulqjzkhho with audio mid and telephone controls multi-terrain monitor 4 cameras multi information display mid/trip computer electro chromatic interior mirror sound system 6lqjohglvf sod hu03frpsdwlelolw dqg am/fm tuner 6lqjohglvf sod huzlwk wrxfkvfuhhq mp3 compatibility and am/fm tuner ohfwur0xowl9lvlrq09 zlwk wrxfkvfuhhq single disc mp3 compatibility and dab radio 3.5mm aux input for portable audio players usb input for some ipod®/usb memory sticks bluetoothtm capabilities number of speakers satellite navigation 7 12/2 6 multi-terrain select &5 lqfrusrudwlqj2urdg7xuq$vvlvw kinetic dynamic suspension system kdss safety 9hklfoh6wdelolw rqwuro96 $fwlyh7udfwlrq&rqwuro$75 +loovwduw$vvlvw&rqwuro multi-terrain anti-skid braking system abs 7udlohu6zd rqwuro driver and front

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