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now go and get rough when the time comes to farewell the bitumen and head off-road prado is built to take you there and safely back again with variable flow control vfc power steering you’ll always have the ideal feel and level of assistance to suit the conditions the double wishbone front and 5-link rear suspension provide excellent handling stability and comfort even when the going gets rough the kinetic dynamic suspension system kdss on the vx and kakadu models electronically controls the suspension to provide gentler behaviour the adaptive variable suspension system avs on the kakadu also allows you to choose from three modes to dampen the shock absorbers to suit particular driving conditions you’ll also appreciate the advanced off-road assistance of active traction control a-trc to eliminate wheel spin on slippery surfaces by automatically distributing the power to the tyres with the best grip when faced with heading up or down steep slopes hill-start assist control hac4 and downhill assist control dac4,5 will prevent you rolling backwards or descending too fast and getting out of shape the kakadu also features crawl control6 to allow you to maintain a low constant speed on challenging surfaces by automatically and independently controlling both engine power and brake input to each wheel the multiterrain select system mts7 is an evolution of the a-trc function and allows you to select grip assistance according to the terrain plus the rear differential lock can be activated to further optimise grip and keeping you in touch with the situation the multi-terrain monitor mtm7,8 allows the driver to get a close look at the conditions right around the vehicle centralised switch module multi-terrain monitor downhill assist control4,5 and hill-start assist control4 without dac acceleration skidding with dac stable hill descent insufficient engine brake force wheel lock through foot braking with hac stop lamp easy starting reduces speed stop lamp brake operates automatically brake operates automatically