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safety throughout wherever your prado takes you an incredible array of safety features will protect you the ‘safe t-cell’ body is designed to take impact from the front rear and sides seven srs airbags including full-length side curtainshield airbags help provide you with all round protection the vehicle stability control vsc uses electronic sensors in both the anti-lock braking system abs and traction control trc to help correct any potential oversteer or understeer when cornering in all driving conditions electronic brake-force distribution ebd automatically puts more braking force on the wheels that need it most in the event of an emergency when rapid braking is called for brake assist ba will apply extra force to the brakes to help deliver the shortest and safest possible braking distance seven srs airbags – kakadu model shown without trailer sway control wind with trailer sway control wind blind spot monitor various brake control and engine torque control with multi-terrain abs blind spot zone outer mirror vision rearview mirror vision without multi-terrain abs outer mirror vision blind spot zone blind spot monitor forward vision mud sand or other surface with poor traction the reversing camera12 provides clear vision of what’s behind and the back guide monitor bgm on kakadu also provides on-screen guidelines to help you manoeuvre plus the front and rear parking sensors13 signal how close you are to any obstacle on the open road the active cruise control acc14 on kakadu will automatically keep you a safe distance from traffic ahead and if you’re towing trailer sway control tsc uses sensors to suppress sway triggered by elements including wind bumpy roads and the steering operation.