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there’s a spirit that runs through toyota it’s a feeling of achievement it pushes us inspires us — it’s what saw us mass produce the first dedicated hydrogen fuel cell vehicle the mirai and what will see us define the very future of movement our japanese founders called it ‘kaizen,’ but we simply call it ‘continuous improvement.’ a relentlessness to always move forward never settle for good enough and here’s the exciting part this feeling of achievement is yours to experience life changing moments just waiting to be told whether it’s the thrill of experiencing the latest in technology venturing somewhere completely new or simply spending more time with your family that sense of achievement whatever form it comes in will be a feeling you never forget this is a journey for which we don’t know the destination but looking back at how far we’ve come it’s safe to say tomorrow looks exciting beyond imagination we are a group of passionate perfectionists who can’t let well enough alone that’s toyota that’s the spirit and that’s our contribution to the world we will be the best we can and we will help as many as we can to be the best they can — eiji toyoda