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the road is an unpredictable place – you can never be certain of what dangers may lie ahead which is why we developed toyota safety sense tss 3 a multi-feature active safety package to help keep you and your passengers out of harm’s way tss incorporates lane departure alert with steering assist pre-collision safety system with pedestrian detection automatic high beam and high-speed active cruise control with automated pre-collision warning and braking at its core tss uses intuitive technology to sense danger providing greater reassurance to the driver and extra protection for passengers across a varying range of driving speeds and conditions pre-collision safety system with pedestrian detection4 pre-collision safety system with pedestrian detection is developed to help reduce the likelihood of a frontal collision with cars and pedestrians it includes a visible and audible alert of possible collisions additional braking force to assist when you’re braking and if a collision is judged to be unavoidable automatic braking to help mitigate the impact high-speed active cruise control3 lane departure alert automatic high beam3 active cruise control is designed to help keep a constant distance between vehicles it uses a milliwave radar to monitor the gap between your vehicle and the one in front automatically accelerating or slowing down when needed to help you maintain a set distance lane departure alert with steering assist is designed to help prevent vehicles drifting from their lane by monitoring road markings and providing a visible and audible alert should it detect any deviation from the lane it may also apply additional steering force if needed to help you stay in your lane using a camera to sense either approaching headlights or the tail lights ahead automatic high beam is designed to help you maintain safe and considerate driving by switching between high and low beam as needed with steering assist3