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take charge of the road like never before the next generation prius c hybrid engine provides the optimum balance between fuel economy low emissions8 and driving performance motor that charges as you drive its advanced hybrid technology offers the reliability and quality you can always expect from toyota giving you peace of mind in every drive impressed well it doesn’t stop there and neither will you with the integrated cooled egr exhaust gas recirculation system recirculating exhaust gases back into the engine to improve fuel efficiency1 to take you even further it delivers impressive acceleration enviable fuel efficiency at up to 3.9l/100km1 and a calmer more responsive driving experience than ever before enjoy less stopping and more going with no need to plug-in with the latest 1.5l in-line petrol engine coupled with a responsive electric toyota has led the way in hybrid technology for over 20 years as it proves to be one of the most satisfying and enjoyable drives on the road it’s easy to see why millions of drivers worldwide have made the switch you can be confident that prius c hybrid will take you further for less toyota hybrid’s latest technology gets you moving powerfully and smoothly every time enjoy an uncompromising drive with responsive dynamic performance petrol electric recharge starting off full acceleration braking deceleration normal driving at rest the electric motor is used primarily and power stored in the battery is used to turn the motor power is provided by the petrol engine in addition to the electric motor output is maximised for acceleration the electric motor functions as a generator to recharge the battery by itself no fuel is used so there are no co2 emissions a mix of petrol and electric is used for best economy depending on the conditions the battery is recharged where possible with the car brought to a stop the petrol engine cuts off the system automatically avoids idling to conserve fuel and reduce co2 emissions.