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safety 2013 fj cruiser 4runner and sequoia come standard with the star safety systemtm this integration of active safety features is designed to protect occupants by helping drivers avoid accidents in the first place fj cruiser 4runner sequoia vsc vehicle stability control helps prevent slips and loss of traction by reducing engine power and applying the brake force to the wheels that need it.5 traction control helps maintain traction on wet icy loose or uneven surfaces by applying brake force to the spinning wheels anti-lock brake system prevents brakes from locking up by pulsing brake pressure to each wheel to help you stay in control in emergency braking situations electronic brake-force distribution redistributes brake force to help keep the rear wheels from locking up during sudden braking situations brake assist detects sudden or panic braking and adds the full pressure needed to help prevent a collision.6 smart stop technology smart stop technology is designed to reduce