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prius innovative aerodynamic advanced toyota s iconic hybrid the 2013 prius has shown that there can be consensus among many different types of drivers those who demand fuel efficiency and those who need to get from point a to b quickly those intrigued by highly advanced technology and those who insist on proven reliability those interested in reducing their carbon footprint and those who are hesitant to sacrifice practicality in order to do it with all that prius has to offer it may well be the one form of transportation that we can all agree upon complete comfort getting comfortable in the spacious interior is easy thanks to the available 8-way power adjustable driver s seat with power lumbar support touch tracer display touching the steering wheel-mounted controls will bring up the touch tracer display which lets you adjust cabin temperature settings audio mode and volume display audio system with navigation4 the available display audio system with navigation4 features a 6.1-inch touch screen with bluetooth®3 wireless music streaming a unique text to voice feature and so much more prius with touring package shown in barcelona red metallic fuel consumption2 3.7 city/4.0 highway l/100 km 1.8-litre 4-cylinder with hybrid synergy drive the 2013 prius is designed with cutting-edge technology to make your life that much easier take the guesswork out of venturing into the unknown with the available voice-activated touch-screen hdd navigation system4 which lets you map your whereabouts with the simple touch of a finger for especially hot days prius can start cooling itself before you even get in by simply using your key fob to activate the available remote a/c system the interior can cool to your preset temperature level without even turning the engine on led headlamp the available led headlamps help reduce the electricity they consume by approximately 20 to 30 aiding the overall efficiency of prius smart key system the smart key system with push button start lets you lock unlock or start your vehicle just by carrying the smart key in your pocket or purse solar roof panel when prius is parked in direct sunlight the available high-tech solar roof panels can power a fan that brings in cooler outside air ventilating the cabin close to the ambient outside temperature 6 7