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model shown shuttle grade

features convenience you’ll really appreciate the toyota skyview® adds an even more premium feel to the interior this large panoramic glass roof brightens the cabin with warm natural light an advanced head up display§ projects a range of information – from current speed to navigation instructions and driver alerts – onto a display in front of the windscreen in the driver’s line of sight an opening tailgate rear window – a standard feature on family and vip grades – offers quick and easy access to the luggage compartment without needing to open the tailgate proace verso’s motorised sliding doors are activated by a simple pull on the exterior or interior door handles this function can also be activated via buttons on your key-fob dashboard and b-pillar entering or exiting the rear seats has never been so easy.b standard on vip grade optional on family grade as part of the premium pack § available with toyota safety sense

forward collision warning alerts the driver to react to a situation of risk of imminent collision a visual and audible warning is emitted this action comes just before aeb is triggered scan this qr code find out more on toyota safety sense 14 head up display provides all the driving information you need projected into your line of sight – vehicle speed cruise control speed limiter information vehicle distance and emergency braking alerts and navigation alerts additional option navi pre-collision system reduces injury to passengers – 0–18 mph prevents collision with moving or fixed obstacles including pedestrians – above 18 mph speed reduction before impact system automatically co-ordinated with autonomous emergency braking aeb

shuttle grades scan this qr code configure your proace verso image for illustrative purposes only glovebox cover not included

proace verso vip main features — 7-seat configuration — 2nd row captain chairs with 180° rotation — panoramic roof — 188w hi-fi surround pack — electrically adjustable front seats including height adjust and lumbar support — massage seat function — leather seats with seat heaters — led daytime running lights — xenon headlights — rear reverse parking sensors — lounge table on rails — motorised sliding side door — headlight washers seating capacity available in long 7 seats 20 image for illustrative purposes only glovebox cover not

specifications environmental performance 1.6 diesel 115 din hp 6-speed manual 2.0 diesel 150 din hp 6-speed manual 2.0 diesel 180 din hp 6-speed automatic wheels 16 16 17 17 combined mpg 54.3 51.4 53.3 47.9§ 49.6 urban mpg 50.4 47.9 47.9 44.8§ 46.3 extra urban mpg 56.5 53.3 57.6 51.4§ 52.3 fuel tank capacity l 69 69 69 co combined g/km 137 143 139 155§ 151 co urban g/km 148 154 154 165§ 161 co extra urban g/km 131 138 129 145§ 141 euro class euro 6 euro 6 euro 6 carbon monoxide co mg/km 195.9 191.7 115.8 hydrocarbons thc nitrogen oxides nox mg/km 54 76.7 41.8 nitrogen oxides nox mg/km 34.7 67.5 35 sound level drive by dba 69.2 73.5 73.2 quoted mpg co figures all mpg and co emissions figures stated in this brochure are sourced from official eu-regulated tests these are provided for comparability purposes and may not reflect your actual driving experience for further information please see the back cover of this

specifications weights compact maximum trailer weight – unbraked kg medium long 2.0 diesel 150 hp 6-speed manual 2.0 diesel 180 hp 6-speed automatic 1.6 diesel 115 hp 6-speed manual 2.0 diesel 150 hp 6-speed manual 2.0 diesel 180 hp 6-speed automatic 2.0 diesel 150 hp 6-speed manual 2.0 diesel 180 hp 6-speed automatic 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 gross train weight – total kg 4600 4330 4080 4700/4640 4370 5000 4600 front axle plated mass kg 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 rear axle plated mass kg 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 alloy wheels shuttle family vip 16 steel wheels with wheel caps 5-triple-spoke l – – 17 machined-face alloy wheels 5-double-spoke – l l full spare wheel l l l ¡ optional − not available family grade 1910 mm l standard 1630 mm 1920 mm 881 mm 2925–3275 mm 4609–5309 mm 803–1153 mm 1618 mm 1920 mm

equipment interior comfort shuttle family vip driver’s seat armrest l l l front passenger seat armrest – l l 2-seater front passenger bench l – – individual front passenger seat – l l adjustable lumbar support on driver’s seat l l l adjustable lumbar support on front passenger seat – ¡ l forward tilting 2nd row rear seats l – – upright folding 2nd row rear seats l – – 2nd row removable rail seats/bench – l l sliding and reclining 2nd row rear seats – l l upright folding 3rd row rear seats l – – 3rd row removable rail seats – l l sliding 3rd row rear seats – l l front power windows l l l auto up down function on all power windows l l l rear window wiper l l l rear window defogger l l l 1st 2nd 3rd row 12v power outlet l l l power door lock l l l

equipment safety shuttle family vip tyre pressure warning system tpws l l l intrusion alarm l l l motion sensor alarm l l l anti-tamper alarm l l l adjustable speed limiter asl l l l performance transport protection shuttle family vip body-coloured protection moulding on side doors l l l stop/start engine l l l packs shuttle family vip toyota safety sense tss ¡ l l 7 toyota pro-touch with navigation ¡ l l pvc seats ¡ – – premium pack full leather seats panoramic roof hi-fi surround pack – ¡ l l standard ¡ optional − not available optional as part of toyota safety sense

all new proace verso a smooth drive equipped for an easy life to continue your experience scan this qr code while every effort is made to reproduce accurate information we reserve the right to change specifications equipment and availability without prior notice this brochure cannot be regarded as infallible some of the vehicles shown may not be to exact uk specification and as such does not constitute an offer for sale of any particular vehicle or specification for the latest specification and availability we ask that you contact your local toyota centre vehicle body colours may differ slightly from the printed images in this brochure the readability of qr codes present in this brochure may differ according to the scanner used toyota cannot be held responsible should your device not be able to read any qr codes or interactive content markers quoted mpg coï – figures all mpg and coï – emissions figures quoted in this brochure are sourced from