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chnology tspot me suggests toyota hotspot gives you internet access and effectively turns your car into a mobile hotspot d the toyota hotspot box with a sim card of your choice and as long as you re in a 2g/3g area you ll have ess to the internet and all the web has to offer in car entertainment nextbase in car entertainment systems in partnership with nextbase toyota is able to offer two exciting new products that will keep your rear seat passengers entertained nextbase dual screen dvd entertainment package a complete dvd in-car entertainment system that includes ­ two smart piano black 9 dvd screens mount firmly to the headrests of your toyota ­ inclusive set of wireless headphones for both rear-seat passengers ­ features click&go mounting system for simple removal of items of items when not in use nextbase ipad2 mounting system if you already have an ipad 2 you can turn it into an in-car entertainment centre with the help of toyota s ipad2 mounting system ­ click&go recharges and powers your ipad2 the moment it s clicked into place ­ sturdy simple-to-fit mount attaches to the rear of the front seat headrest ­ wireless headphones mean the driver won t be disturbed practical accessories dog guard the durable mesh design is perfect as a dog guard to stop your pet climbing over the back seats it can also be used to prevent stacked luggage tumbling into the passenger area only available on touring sports boot separator working in tandem with the dog guard to maximise your carrying flexibility you can use the boot separator to divide the boot space for two dogs a dog and luggage or to separate different types of luggage only available on touring sports hotspot connects up to five wifi capable devices including laptops tablets smart phones and game d also enables in-car interaction between them importantly the toyota hotspot is wired into your car tem to ensure constant power supply specifically for in-car use and the special demands of temperature variation and vibration ve design high speed dual antenna that enhances mobile reception and minimises doppler problems any gsm operator and so allows you to use a sim card of your choice it will accept a dedicated data transfer when travelling abroad you can fit a local card to avoid roaming charges or enable roaming on your card -air software updating happens almost automatically ndly web interface allows personalisation of toyota hotspot functions such as the connection parameters se with a simple on/off switch and coloured diodes to inform of status and activity mounted within your car to avoid trailing wires m the technical problems associated with using a smart phone as a hotspot and also the restrictions by internet providers for example the toyota hotspot does not limit you to just one user surfing the net by a toyota warranty home previous next index show menu print zoom in zoom out save help book a test drive your local dealer sign up to our newsletter