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toyota and the environment 60 designing your car each design detail on our vehicles is analysed to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact throughout its life cycle this meticulous approach has led to an array of innovative features on our cars that contribute to environmental efficiency the environmental impact of the auris engine type 1nd ­ diesel compared to the previous model is demonstrated through the complete life cycle analysis with 18 co2 carbon dioxide 22 nox nitrogen oxide 17 nmhc non-methane hydrocarbons 43 pm particulate matter and 10 sox sulphur oxide reduction national sales centres logistics centres ­ vehicles logistics centres ­ accessories/spares production sites supporting companies training centres as a worldwide corporation we aim to be wherever our customers need us and therefore we have a strong presence in europe this shortens delivery distances and results in substantial time savings that are good for you and the environment the environmental impact of the auris hybrid engine type 2zr ­ hybrid compared to the previous model is demonstrated through the complete life cycle analysis with 4 co2 carbon dioxide and 7 pm particulate matter reduction in the design phase toyota aims for cleaner engines thanks to toyota optimal drive® we are achieving even more every component is optimised to save weight and space reduce friction or simply work more efficiently this delivers lighter more compact engines and advanced transmissions you enjoy lower emissions and greater fuel economy without compromising driving pleasure this is a new era of engine design full hybrid full satisfaction ­ toyota s unique hybrid synergy drive® is the world s most advanced hybrid technology outstanding levels of fuel efficiency low co2 emissions and high performance are achieved through the intelligent combination of two electric motors and a powerful 1.8 litre engine ­ seamlessly choosing the best operating mode as you drive co2 used to build an auris since 1993 less 95 getting vehicles and parts to you toyota is always looking to employ the most efficient and environmentally friendly logistical and delivery methods of your auris is recoverable 20 ­30 less fuel and co2 making your car at toyota every effort is made to ensure environmental efficiency throughout the manufacturing process since 1993 we have reduced the average energy consumption per vehicle built at toyota motor manufacturing uk tmuk by over 65 waste disposed of at cost was also reduced by over 65 while the water consumption per vehicle built was reduced by over 69 selling and servicing your car we have developed a sustainable retailer programme to reduce energy water and waste emissions generated across our network this covers everything from rainwater recycling introducing additional roof insulation and using renewable energy at new retailers as well as carrying out energy audits to identify efficiency improvements at existing centres the end of the road for your vehicle toyota always designs and manufactures its vehicles with an eye on the three rs reduce reuse and recycle for example 95 of every auris is reusable and recoverable 100 of materials are coded and four heavy metals have been eliminated completely in accordance with 2000/53/ec in addition our environmental policy means that we offer toyota drivers new and innovative ways of returning their old car for more information visit or contact your local toyota centre drive thoughtfully drive your car in the right way and you could reduce your fuel bill and your co2 emissions by around 20­30 1 remove any extra weight and roof load 2 plan your route and avoid detours 3 avoid using your car for short journeys 4 check your tyre pressure regularly 5 service your car according to the owner s manual 6 shift up gear earlier 7 only use air conditioning when necessary 8 follow and anticipate traffic flow 9 keep your windows closed 10 switch off your engine if you have to wait longer than 60 seconds home previous next index show menu print zoom in zoom out save help book a test drive your local dealer sign up to our newsletter