2018 Prius Accessory eBrochure by Toyota Motors

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interior accessories toyota.com/accessories carpet floor mats all-weather floor liners 3 these plush long-wearing carpet floor mats3 help protect and dress up your interior an advanced concept in superior protection for your vehicle’s interior floors and surrounding edges are covered to help keep your carpets clean and dry precise injection molding utilizing toyota’s design data helps ensure a perfect fit •d  urable fade-resistant carpet features a prius logo with a repetitive hybrid synergy drive hsd pattern throughout the carpet •d  river’s-side quarter-turn fasteners and skid-resistant backing on all mats help keep them in place • molded prius logo with a leaf design on all four liners reflect the prius heritage • two rear liners to help provide more complete coverage • made in the u.s.a see footnote 3 in disclosure section on back cover.