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light and light covers operation of the parts of a car variable intermittent windshield wipers rear seat center console tilt telescopic steering wheel sensor cup and cup holder power steering rack and pinion extending sun visor with extenders front and rear signal lights front and rear signal light power steering rack and pinion specifications view of inside of the cruise voice and voice production toyota vehicle stability control toyota daytime running lights toyota chrome door handles electric power steering motor intermittent windshield wiper radar cruise control tilt telescopic steering automatic radar cruise control shark fin antenna fiber reinforced plastic rear door locks anti seatbelt lock braking system rear door lock auto heated outside power heated mirror heated steering wheel nickel metal hydride collapsible steering column collapsable steering column 12v auxiliary power outlet power door locks power door lock outside door handle outside door handles overhead multi information display dual 12v auxiliary power outlet rear park assist front disc brakes front disc brake locking outside door handle rear door locking mechanism 12v auxiliary power outlet cover chrome door handles remote control power door lock brake force distributer brake force distribution electric power steering electrical power steering front wheel drive rack and pinion steering dimensions automatic shut off air valve steering rack and pinion sun visor with extenders

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system components design how it works the power control unit pcu decides when to use stored energy from the battery or to draw energy directly from the fuel cell stack this is part of what makes mirai so energy efficient and is based on the proven toyota hybrid pcu found in prius the motor we utilized our in-house technological know-how to select the right electric motor for mirai this motor has been rigorously tested across all types of environments and conditions and delivers the reliability you expect from toyota the boost converter our four-phase boost converter brings voltage to 650 volts driving at a higher voltage makes more efficient use of the motor giving mirai a power output equivalent to other hybrids in toyota’s

engineering “as of today toyota solely owns approximately 5680 hydrogen-fuel-cell-related global patents approximately 1970 licenses are related to the fuel cell stack about 290 to the high-pressure hydrogen tank and about 3350 to fuel cell system control technology.” — bob carter evp of sales toyota motor north america mirai drivetrain and fuel cell prototype

how hydrogen is made hydrogen is fuel pure and simple there are a lot of ways to produce hydrogen but hydrogen binds to almost anything so before it can be used it must be separated a variety of process technologies are available today like steam reforming electrolysis and gasification steam reforming electrolysis gasification steam reforming of methane is the most common method for producing hydrogen today it starts with liquids or gases containing hydrogen like natural gas or sustainable biogas sourced from landfills the fuel then reacts with steam at high temperatures in a reformer leaving you with hydrogen hydrogen can also be produced by separating water into its two primary elements — hydrogen h 2 and oxygen o2 this process known as electrolysis passes an electrical current through the water to extract hydrogen the electricity can be sourced from clean renewable energy such as wind solar or hydro gasification is a process in which organic materials like crops and

station design it’s not just the vehicle that’s advanced more than 4000 fuel cell vehicles are on the road today hydrogen fuel is a proven eco-friendly alternative to gas and diesel there are currently more than 30 public fueling cell stations in california,38 39 and this number continues to increase toward the ultimate goal of 100 stations in the near future since it takes just minutes to refuel,35 these new stations mean that mirai can take you farther than you ever thought possible communication supply compression hydrogen dispensers are designed with infrared equipment that allows them to communicate with mirai’s hydrogen fuel control computer this device communicates things like ambient air temperature tank pressure and current fill levels to ensure optimum filling with the potential to process hydrogen either on-site or off-site hydrogen fueling providers are finding innovative ways to utilize a range of production methods such as electrolysis or steam

how it works rethinking the fuel tank it all starts with hydrogen when you pump hydrogen into the vehicle it travels to carbon-fiber-reinforced fuel tanks where it’s stored a vehicle as groundbreaking and revolutionary as the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai is coupled with equally groundbreaking and revolutionary technology 1 inner polymer-lined layer to hold the hydrogen 2 middle structural layer of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer to provide strength 3 outer glass-fiber-reinforced polymer layer to help protect from surface

hydrogen safety a global effort committed to safety global technical regulation no 13 is an agreement between japan europe and north america that sets the safety requirements that all high-pressure hydrogen systems must adhere to compliance with this regulation is tough and requires hydrogen tanks to be dropped frozen damaged exposed to chemicals hydraulically and pneumatically cycled stuck on a bonfire and ultimately burst to ensure tank performance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle toyota engineers have worked to ensure that mirai’s hydrogen tanks meet these regulations so that drivers may enjoy years of emission-free driving our tanks are designed not to leak in a high-speed collision sensors stop the flow of hydrogen any leaked hydrogen is quickly dispersed hydrogen escapes safely into the atmosphere our multi-patented carbon-fiber-wrapped polymer-lined tanks are built in a three-layer structure and absorb five times the crash energy of steel to prevent hydrogen from

safety front and rear parking assist sonar33 tech that helps you see what you may not when parking sonar sensors on the front and rear of mirai scan for walls curbs and other objects that might be hidden from your view audio and visual cues are sent to the cabin helping to take some of the guesswork out of parking mirai shown in salsa red pearl and nautical blue metallic prototypes shown see numbered footnotes in disclosures

mirai color/trim/wheel color exterior features interior features cont •  led low and high-beam headlights with automatic high beams ahb2 with auto on/off feature •  led daytime running lights drl •  led stop lights •  black sport front grille •  exclusive fuel cell vehicle badging •  color-keyed heated power auto-dimming outside mirrors with turn signal and blind spot warning indicators,3 reverse tilt and power-folding features with 2-position memory function •  color-keyed outside door handles with touch-sensor lock/unlock feature on front doors •  17-in silver-painted machined engraved alloy wheels with black-painted accents and p215/55r17 tires •  rain-sensing washer-linked variable intermittent windshield wiper with heated windshield wiper de-icer •  acoustic noise-reducing windshield and front/rear side glass •  softex®-trimmed

features continued safety/convenience mirai four cup holders and two front bottle holders star safety system™ — includes vehicle stability control vsc 24 traction control trac anti-lock brake system abs electronic brake-force distribution ebd brake assist ba25 and smart stop technology® sst26 eight airbags27 — includes driver and front passenger advanced airbag system driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags driver knee airbag passenger seat-cushion airbag and front and rear side curtain airbags 3-point seatbelts for all seating positions driver-side emergency locking retractor elr and automatic/emergency locking retractor alr/elr on all passenger belts seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters for all seating positions latch lower anchors and tethers for children includes lower anchors and upper tether anchors on rear seats child-protector rear door locks energy-absorbing collapsible steering column front and rear energy-absorbing crumple zones

cars built for the way you live at toyota we build cars for how you live from building advanced safety features designed to help prevent crashes to driving cross-country to understand how we can make your driving experience better our work starts with understanding your needs building cars for how you live also means thinking about tomorrow — from fuel efficiency and environmental innovations to things beyond cars like a bicycle that you can control with your mind and because what we learn building cars can help improve lives in other places we do things like help communities rebuild their homes quickly after a disaster and work with soup kitchens to help them serve more people faster toyota built for how you live together we are going places warranties every toyota car truck and suv is built to exceptional standards and that’s not idle boasting we back it up with these limited warranty coverages basic 36 months/36,000 miles all components other than normal wear and