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hydrogen safety a global effort committed to safety global technical regulation no 13 is an agreement between japan europe and north america that sets the safety requirements that all high-pressure hydrogen systems must adhere to compliance with this regulation is tough and requires hydrogen tanks to be dropped frozen damaged exposed to chemicals hydraulically and pneumatically cycled stuck on a bonfire and ultimately burst to ensure tank performance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle toyota engineers have worked to ensure that mirai’s hydrogen tanks meet these regulations so that drivers may enjoy years of emission-free driving our tanks are designed not to leak in a high-speed collision sensors stop the flow of hydrogen any leaked hydrogen is quickly dispersed hydrogen escapes safely into the atmosphere our multi-patented carbon-fiber-wrapped polymer-lined tanks are built in a three-layer structure and absorb five times the crash energy of steel to prevent hydrogen from traveling to potentially damaged systems outside of the tank the system is designed to automatically shut off the tank’s hydrogen output valve all hydrogen-related parts are located outside the cabin and are designed to help prevent leaked hydrogen from building up since hydrogen is lighter than air it rapidly disperses reducing the time to cause damage in the event of an ignition.